The natural charm of Jávea can be seen from land, sea and air, but today we will focus on the areas that can be explored using a kayak to discover the Las Cuevas Sea Cave Route.

The Mediterranean offers the possibility of entering the sea caves of Jávea with a different perspective to the usual in this type of space. You can do this route using a kayak without the need for experience or great physical preparation. Below we will explain everything you will find on the Jávea Caves Sea Route

About the Route

As we have already mentioned, although it is not a very demanding route, it will logically take some time to see the different points. For this reason, it is recommended to dedicate a morning or an afternoon, as you will need at least 3 hours to see everything.

You’ll be paddling around 7 kilometres in a kayak, so if you’re not very experienced, you’ll want to take it easy so you don’t go with your tongue hanging out. In that time, you’ll be able to explore the interior of two sea caves that will fascinate you.

The weather in Jávea is usually good and the sea is calm, so kayaking is one of the easiest and safest ways to get around on the water. You don’t need your own kayak, as the organisers of this route will provide you with everything you need for a unique and unforgettable excursion.

Cala Granadella Javea

We leave from the Granadella Cove

In general, the starting point of this route is usually the Granadella Cove. One of the most representative places of the coast of Javea, from where you can take a kayak and start the recommended route.

This cove is a must for everyone. Small and made up of gravel, its characteristic crystalline waters allow you to immerse yourself in the essence of the Mediterranean. From this stunning natural environment awarded with a blue flag, we will start the kayak route with a different point of view than we are used to.

In order to guarantee your comfort, we recommend that you bring swimwear, a cap or hat, sun cream, water or soft drinks and something to eat. It is a perfect activity to do with the family, whether you are in Jávea on holiday or if it is your place of residence. It is the perfect way to discover a unique perspective of the Mediterranean coast.

Diving, stop and visit the Ambolo Cove

Of course, kayaking allows you to stop at any time and see the most interesting spots in Jávea. One of them is Cala Ambolo, which is very close to Cap de la Nau. Access on foot is somewhat complicated, so this alternative route will allow you to get to know a site that is currently closed due to the risk of landslides.

For this reason, we recommend not getting too close to the shore. Here you will have the chance to enjoy the crystal-clear waters while snorkelling. The underwater fauna and flora here are very varied and you are sure to find some treasure at the bottom of the sea: posidonia, sea urchins, octopuses, jellyfish…

To get to Cala Ambolo, you will have to pass through the strait formed by the Isla del Descubridor. This can be a busy place for boats, so you should take extreme caution. Take the opportunity to admire the rugged landscape of the area, which has some simply spectacular views.


Let’s talk about the Route’s Caves

This marine route offers the chance to discover a different type of caves. Both the Cova del Llop Marí and the Cova dels Orguens are unique spots on the Mediterranean coast, which is why you should visit them at least once in your life. We tell you what you can find in them:

Cova del Llop Marí

The entrance to the Cova del Llop Marí is forbidden to jet skis, so it is a very quiet area that you can admire in peace and quiet. Although there is plenty of space for kayaks, it is somewhat smaller than the Cova dels Orguens.

Of course, you will have to be careful to avoid causing damage inside the cave. It has a very particular orography and it will be like entering a film set.

Orguens Cave

From there, you go out past the Cap de la Nau to reach the Cova dels Orguens (Orguens Cave). It is larger and you will see stalactites formed on the ceiling. Here you can take the opportunity to stop and dive for underwater life.

Once you’ve seen it all, it’s time to return to the starting point. Try to paddle as close to the shore as possible if you want to avoid waves and delays.

Ruta Cuevas Marinas Javea

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