Jalon: The indescribable beauty of the almond blossom

Regarded by many as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the entire Jalon Valley or Vall de Pop as it is known locally, Jalon offers visitors every amenity possible with excellent bars, restuarants shops, supermarket, banks, a modern and well equiped medical centre, plus many, many other shops catering for all tastes and budgets.

This expanding and popular village now has a cosmopolitan mixture of over 3200 inhabitants, yet still retains a warm and friendly atmosphere to all lucky enough to visit ,stay or live in this truly beautiful place.

Founded way back in the thirteenth century by the north African Moors who invaded this part of Spain, the village reverted back to Christianity in the seventeenth centuary, when the area was populated with inhabitants from the nearby Balearic Islands.

Jalon, or Xaló to give it its Valenciano name, is surounded by stunning mountains and lush fertile crops of almonds, oranges, olives, cherries, and of course, grapes, indeed it is at the “Virgin Pobre” bodega on the village outskirts where local farmers bring their red and white grapes to have them processed into the famous “Vall de Xaló” red, white and rose wines. These superb wines can be bought straight from the huge fermentation barrels in the bodega at exceptionally cheap prices. Interestingly the meridian of Greenwich (length 0º0’0”) crosses the village center.

The village is a criss cross of narrow streets centering around the old square with its impressive and beautiful church. Agriculture still plays a large part in the local economy with grapes, oranges, olives, cherries and almonds being the most popular crops. The surrounding valley is quiet simply breathtakingly beautiful in early spring when the almond blossom turns the valley floor into a blanket of pink and white.

Jalon is famous locally for its “Rastro” of flea market which is held each Saturday morning along the river side of the Rio Jalpon which disects the village, attracting many visitors from far and wide.

The kind climate of the valley is also a huge attraction to many visitors as the region enjoys hot summers and cool but dry winters, making it an ideal all-year-round location especially for those with athritus or respitory ailments.

Jalon boasts a new Tourist Information Office, where the friendly English-speaking staff offer helpful advice and supporting brochures etc., to tourists and locals alike. There are also two Museums; the Museum of Wine Maserof, a farmstead of the 11th century in which the tourists can see as the wine of region being traditionally manufactured, and a Museum depicting the history of the region throughout the years.

There are several fiestas held in Jalon throughout the year, including Easter (Santa Semana), a giant paella cooked in the village square each October, and the main fiesta each August, when bull-running through the village streets, along with feasting, dancing to live music well into the early hours, plus the obligatory and sensational fireworks displays, ensure the visitor wil leave with unforgettable memories of this truly fantastic Spanish village.

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