Is an energy efficiency certificate necessary to sell a villa in Jávea?

When putting a villa for sale in Jávea, it is essential to know all the rules and legal requirements that exist. Among them, one of the most important is the energy efficiency certificate, as without it it will be impossible to execute the sale and purchase process.

In this article we are going to try to shed light on an essential element for selling your home and we bring you five key aspects to better understand what is needed and how to obtain it.

1. Mandatory nature of the certificate

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism requires any home to have a current energy efficiency certificate in order to be sold. This is a compulsory document in Spain, so in order to sell a villa in Jávea it is absolutely essential.

Each property must pass an inspection which certifies information about the energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the property in question. A letter from A to G will be assigned, from highest to lowest energy efficiency.

In this way, the prospective buyer has certainty about the energy efficiency of the property, which can be a factor to be taken into account when signing up for the purchase. In the same way, the aim is to benefit the best-equipped properties or to encourage owners of less efficient ones to make environmentally friendly renovations.

2. Validity of the certificate

You do not always have to apply for an energy performance certificate when you are going to sell your property, as it is valid for 10 years. If the one you have is still valid, it will not be necessary to obtain a new one when you sell your villa.

However, as we have said, this certificate expires after 10 years and a new revision will be necessary if the term has expired. It is also possible that it was not originally requested, so you will need to check the situation of your property in this regard.

Of course, the degree of energy efficiency can vary with time and the conditions of the property, so if 10 years have passed, it should be reviewed to check whether it has remained the same, improved or worsened with respect to the last certification.


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3. How to obtain the certificate

Obviously, in order to obtain the energy efficiency certificate, a specialised technician must be hired. He or she will carry out an in-depth evaluation of the property to determine its current state.

Once the technician has issued his verdict, the certificate must be registered with the competent authority and the label will be issued with the corresponding letter, with a validity period of 10 years.

4. Benefits of the certificate

In addition to the proposals for improving the energy efficiency made by the technician after his inspection, knowing the state of the property and complying with all the requirements can be a point in favour when presenting yourself as a better purchase option.

There are many people who are increasingly interested in this aspect, as it implies lower consumption costs in the long run and has an environmental impact, which is also relevant.

When considering the purchase of a villa in Jávea, it is clear that any characteristic can be definitive. It is a real estate market with a very wide offer and this detail can be the one that makes potential buyers choose your property.

5. Penalties for non-compliance

As it could not be otherwise, from Grupo Garcia we recommend to comply with all the requirements of the current legislation to avoid problems. The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has the power to impose financial penalties on those who do not comply with the regulations.

  • From 601 to 1000 euros for not registering the certificate correctly or not delivering it to the buyer.
  • From 1001 to 6000 euros for falsifying the energy performance certificate.

As the inspection usually costs around 100 euros, we strongly urge anyone who wants to sell a villa in Jávea to avoid problems and contact a specialised technician to do the energy efficiency assessment.

If you have any questions about how to get the certificate for your pro


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