Why buy a villa in Jalón?

Jalón is a unique destination in the Valencian Community, as it has a series of characteristics that make it the perfect place to go on holiday or to take up residence. If you are looking for peace and quiet both during the day and at night, Jalón is a safe bet.

Lovers of good weather and spectacular scenery will find the perfect refuge here. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for days spent on the beach or indoors and an active lifestyle, as the good weather encourages outdoor activities.

Buying a villa in Jalon is an excellent option for those who want a quiet place, away from the big city to disconnect, but not so far as to be far away from Valencia or Alicante.

From Grupo Garcia we will accompany you in the buying and selling process so that you can acquire a property that fits your budget and has everything you need to lead a dream life on the Mediterranean coast. With our experience in the area, we can advise you in a personalised way so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Natural beauty and landscapes

The coastline has great charm, but the inland areas of the Valencian Community should not be underestimated either. This is a place known for its famous vineyards, where you can not only immerse yourself in spectacular scenery, but also taste top quality wines.

You will also have the opportunity to discover an area where you can visit natural parks and perfectly signposted hiking trails to immerse yourself in the landscape.

This town has all the characteristics to become your new favourite place; a place where you can reconnect with nature and, why not, with yourself. Nowadays, finding a base camp where you can feel fulfilled at all levels is essential to feel good, and Jalón is perfect in that respect.

From here we strongly recommend that you visit the inland landscapes of the Community, as they are not as crowded as the beaches and still maintain their most genuine charm. Get to know nature in its purest state and you are sure to fall in love with this place.

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Quality of life in Jalón

Jalón’s characteristic good weather is perfect for improving your quality of life. You can spend a lot of time outdoors, at any time of the year, and make the most of the sun’s rays and the benefits of Vitamin D. Adopting healthy habits for body and mind is much easier in a place like this.

Moreover, there is a very welcoming community here, accustomed to receiving visitors or permanent residents for years, and its people do not hesitate to make themselves available to “newcomers” so that they can integrate as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of Jalón is that it is less than half an hour from the sea, so you can combine inland and coast as the mood takes you. With the best of both worlds, find the balance between the green of the mountains and the crystal blue of the water.

In recent years we have seen many people leave the big city in search of a more harmonious place to live, away from the noise and stress. In areas such as the Jalón Valley you will be able to lead a calmer pace of life, which will have a direct impact on your mood and health.

Cultural heritage and gastronomy

Although the landscapes are the first thing that catches our attention when talking about the Jalón Valley, we cannot underestimate the cultural heritage that we can find. This area has been able to update and renew itself so as not to be left behind, offering a whole series of cutting-edge technologies that make daily life easier, but this does not mean that they have turned their back on their traditions, which is their essence after all.

One way of getting to know what Jalón is really like is through its dishes. Mediterranean gastronomy is known the world over, and in this part of the Valencian Community first class food is grown. If you like local, zero-kilometre products, you can try different restaurants where the food will immerse you in the valley.

The entire wine industry has also evolved from more modest cultivation to wineries that showcase the entire process from grape to wine. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to sample the magnificent wines of this area, whether you buy a bottle or visit a winery for the full experience of an exquisite wine tasting.

Luxury villas: Comfort and privacy

There are different ways to integrate comfort into your life and one of them is, without a doubt, having a home with everything you need for day-to-day living. The luxury villas in Jalón have designs that are pleasing to the eye and the latest advances in technology. Thus, the home becomes the perfect refuge to start and end the day in the best possible way.

Set on sizeable plots, the interiors of these homes have large spaces and designs that incorporate the best of cutting-edge trends and traditional pieces that never lose their relevance. With top-quality finishes, you will feel that every corner is perfectly orchestrated to delight your eyes.

What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy life outside, whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying a good meal with family and friends. The good weather we have already mentioned is the best ally for this type of activities, so it makes sense to look for a villa with large dimensions to make the most of the Mediterranean climate.

What’s more, these types of homes are usually located in exclusive urbanisations to ensure your privacy, so you can be at peace at all times within your own home and its surroundings.

Investment opportunities and added value

It is obvious that the Mediterranean coast has lost none of its charm and continues to be one of the world’s favourite destinations. Its climate, natural environment and rich cultural tradition mean that it continues to attract large numbers of visitors all year round. In cases like Jalón, being so close to the sea but at the same time being able to offer the tranquillity of an inland valley is an added value.

For those looking for a solid investment opportunity, with potential for holiday rental or as a long term investment that revalues, luxury villas in Jalon are the perfect bet. Our study of the real estate market allows us to advise this type of asset, as their profitability is fully proven.

If we look at the historical record, both Jalón and other locations with a similar profile have been revalued in recent years, making it a very attractive opportunity for buyers looking for a relatively quick return on investment. Equally, we know that they can offer returns for decades, so it also makes sense as a long-term investment.

Activities and leisure in Jalon

Naturally, when you are located in a place like the Jalon Valley, the opportunities are endless. Surrounded by a simply spectacular environment, you will have access to perfectly signposted hiking trails, where you can discover the area on foot or by bicycle. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is easier when you can do so while breathing fresh air and contemplating the local vegetation.

Among the most outstanding excursions is the possibility of visiting vineyards to understand the whole process and to go wine tasting, a leisure alternative that is becoming more and more popular throughout Spain.

In addition, its proximity to the Costa Blanca gives you the option of spending a day at the beach in the different coastal hotspots: Jávea, Dénia, Benidorm, Moraira? Each with its own characteristics, so depending on what you feel like at any given moment you can choose one place or another.

You can also look inland and visit other towns with their own charm, gradually getting to know the idiosyncrasy of the Valencian Community through its people and a rich cultural tradition that has survived for centuries.

Connectivity and acessibility

Although when we think of the interior of the Valencian Community we do not have as many references as the coast, it is worth mentioning that the connections throughout the region are excellent. Thus, you can easily reach Jalón from international airports if you want to return to your first residence or your country of origin.

Other parts of the region are also easily accessible by road to plan excursions. This area has many places of interest, whether you like to discover new places in the interior or you want to get closer to the coastal towns.

This way, you will always have attractive plans at your disposal, from spending a day at the beach or practising water sports to visiting larger towns such as Valencia or Alicante. In short, it is a privilege to be able to choose between the tranquillity of the Jalón Valley or the multitude of interesting destinations in the region

For years, the competent authorities have been making an effort to create new infrastructures and maintain the existing ones in perfect condition so that connectivity is ensured throughout the Valencian Community. In addition, works are being carried out to improve accessibility in different accesses to eliminate architectural barriers.

Tips for buyers: Find you perfect villa

At Grupo Garcia we have been accompanying buyers for decades in the process of finding a villa in Jalón. Finding your dream home is easier than you might think…as long as you are well advised.

The buying and selling process can become tedious and complicated if you don’t know all the factors that come into play. The main thing is to be aware of how the property market works, from finding a property that fits your budget to the legal and tax considerations inherent in this type of purchase.

Our experience allows us to provide personalised advice so that you can enjoy a path that should be for enjoyment, such as buying a villa. We will avoid last minute problems and surprises and help you to find a property that really corresponds to the market price.

If you want more information, you can contact us without any obligation and we will explain you how we work and how to find the best villas in Jalón. We are waiting for you!

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