The coastal jewels of Jávea: a trip along its paradisiacal beaches

Jávea is a place with spectacular beaches and varied characteristics so that you can make the most of your stay here. The uniqueness of this area makes it a highly valued destination and that is why we encourage you to pay it a visit because you will not be disappointed.

Swimming in crystal-clear waters, strolling along fine sand and practising water activities are just some of the options available on the beaches of Jávea. Without a doubt, this is the perfect place to disconnect from stress and recharge your batteries.

Located in the natural surroundings of the Costa Blanca, it is an ideal place to spend a holiday or stay to live. The Mediterranean climate means that you can enjoy the beaches for many hours a day practically all year round.

In addition, the wide variety of beaches that you can find in Jávea means that everyone can enjoy them, regardless of your preferences. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to relax or more rugged areas where the sea meets the land, here you will have what you need at all times.

Arenal Beach: An icon of Jávea

Without a doubt, the Arenal Beach is one of the key points of Jávea. An essential visit for all those who want to get to know the essence of this coastal town. Perfectly preserved at any time of the year, it has earned its place as an icon of Jávea.

Located in the centre of the town, it is the perfect place to spend a full day, both on the beach itself and in the nearby restaurants and establishments. You can take the opportunity to eat a typical dish, enjoy a drink with views of the Mediterranean or shop for your daily needs here.

This emblematic place of Jávea and, by extension, of the Costa Blanca has everything you need to guarantee a perfect day at the beach. Naturally, its popularity means that there is a large influx, especially in high season, so we recommend going early in the morning if you want to avoid crowds in the summer months.

Its central location makes it possible to visit at any time and it is not necessary to plan a visit for a specific day. It blends in with the landscape of Jávea and has become one of the nerve centres of the town. It is a favourite for tourists and residents alike and that is its best letter of introduction.

cala granadella en javea

La Granadella: A natural jewel

La Granadella has a totally different style. If instead of a long beach you are looking for a quiet cove, this natural jewel is located in a protected environment where you can dive and discover numerous underwater species, as it is an area rich in fauna and flora.

Its crystal-clear waters allow you to snorkel, paddle surf or kayak to contemplate the magic of the Mediterranean Sea from a different perspective. This natural and somewhat wilder beauty will allow you to discover another side of the coastline. Although it is a little further away from the centre of Jávea, there are numerous accommodation options, ranging from the typical summer flats to luxury villas with all amenities included, located on large plots of land.

Of course, these days it is difficult to keep a place like this a secret, so in the summer months it can get very crowded and sometimes capacity is limited. It is advisable to visit in mid or low season if you want a totally satisfactory experience avoiding traffic jams, parking problems or crowds.

Cala Blanca: Peace and quiet

For a relaxed and quiet stay, Cala Blanca is the best option. It is a place where tranquillity prevails with landscapes that will inspire total calm. This is an area that has not become so overcrowded and is the ideal destination for those who want to completely disconnect.

As in other beaches, here you will find crystal-clear waters that will allow you to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean and discover the treasures at the bottom of the sea. Furthermore, from here you can head inland along the hiking routes, where you can go trekking or cycling to discover the lesser-known corners of the Region of Valencia.

If you are in the Cala Blanca area, water sports are a safe bet, as the specialised companies know how to make the most of the surroundings and offer activities for all levels, so you won’t need excellent preparation to have a good time doing sport.

Contact us if you want to know more about the property market near Cala Blanca or any other area of Jávea.

Water activities and fun in Jávea

We have already mentioned some of the options that Jávea offers in terms of water activities, but it is one of the best destinations on the Mediterranean coast for this leisure alternative.

A mild climate all year round allows the practice almost 365 days a year, since even when it is not too sunny, it is rare to encounter storms or bad seas that make it impossible to get in the water.

In addition to sailing or yachting, paddle surfing, an active way to explore the landscapes of the Mediterranean coastline, has recently become fashionable. It doesn’t require a great deal of physical preparation and you decide at what pace you want to move, choosing whether to paddle or take a break at any time.

Similarly, scuba diving in any of its variants is a very popular activity because the Costa Blanca is home to a wide variety of plant and marine species. It is especially suitable for those who want to discover the surprises hidden under the water. All these activities are carried out under the supervision of professionals, complying with safety standards to avoid any problems.

Practical advice for visiting the beaches of Jávea

Due to the excellent climate and the degree of conservation of the beaches, Jávea has become a very popular destination, both for holidays and to settle down for long periods of time. This has the disadvantage that there are times of the year when crowds can form at certain points, so you need to think about where and when you want to go to certain places.

As you will have good weather in any month, we recommend avoiding July and August to visit crowded places such as the aforementioned Cala Granadella. Likewise, if you want to stroll around the centre of Jávea in complete tranquillity, it is always better to go in mid or low season.

As this is a place with a lot of sun, you should wear appropriate clothing and protection to avoid getting sunburnt. The last thing you want is to damage your skin and feel uncomfortable, so certain precautions never hurt.

As Jávea and the surrounding area has an excellent fusion of beaches and mountains, you can take advantage of the opportunity to combine both in the same day, so wearing specially designed footwear will be essential so that your day is not ruined by a small detail.

Conservation and sustainability on Jávea’s beaches

One of the most representative characteristics of Jávea is that it has managed to maintain its essence as a coastal town without turning its back on the innovations and improvements that modern life has brought with it. This combination, backed up by a conviction on the part of the local authorities of the need to invest in the conservation of natural spaces, has allowed it to welcome large numbers of visitors whilst minimising the environmental impact.

Similarly, those who spend a few days in Jávea should be aware of how important their behaviour can be in a natural environment. Throwing rubbish into the sea, disregarding environmental advice or not respecting the common areas can have a direct impact on the sustainability of this place, so we must all do our bit so that future generations can also enjoy these landscapes.

It is very important that we are aware of the repercussions that our actions can have and that is why Jávea Town Council encourages the correct use of infrastructures and natural spaces. Although there are fines for those who do not comply, education and good manners must come from everyone in order to preserve one of the jewels of the Mediterranean coast.

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