The Best Beaches And Calas In Javea To Visit

For those who are looking for a destination that allows you to relax and enjoy nature in excellent weather, Javea is the perfect place. The beaches and coves lapped by the Mediterranean sea have become a favourite place for many people because it allows you to disconnect from everything and recharge your batteries.

When buying property in Jávea you cannot ignore the quality of its beaches and coves. You will have the sea very close to your home. Regardless of your age, origin or pace of life, the possibility of seeing the Mediterranean at any time is a plus.

The sun and pleasant temperatures are guaranteed on the beaches and coves of Jávea so you won’t have to wait for the summer to take a dip. In this article we tell you which are the essential locations to visit to make the most of the sea.

Arenal Beach

The Arenal Beach is ideal for a visit at any time. In the heart of the bay of Jávea, you can enjoy a day on the sand sunbathing and swimming, but also with the traditional Mediterranean gastronomy that you will find in the restaurants along the promenade.

It has a blue flag so its quality is totally guaranteed. There is a wide range of water sports on offer that enable you can connect with nature using jet skis or water scooters as well as windsurfing, kite surfing or even beach volleyball amongst many others.

La Grava Beach

As you can already tell from its name, this is not your typical fine sandy beach, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a tremendous natural charm. Lovers of crystal clear waters will be delighted and the blue flag ensures optimum conditions.

With a surface area of around 300 metres you can enjoy a day at the beach but also get close to the Church of the “Virgen del Loreto” one of the most outstanding monuments in Jávea, which has a roof in the shape of an inverted boat hull. Undoubtedly a visit is a must for its unique architecture.

Cabo de San Antonio, Jávea

Cabo de San Antonio

To get to know the Mediterranean coast better there is nothing better than visiting the area of Cabo de San Antonio. There you will find a large number of species of fauna and flora. It is a recognised and protected Marine Reserve. You can go to its two viewpoints from where you can see both Jávea and Dénia.

It is recommended to wear footwear suitable for rocky areas although you can get there by car so you can take everything you need to change or even a picknick. It is the perfect place for diving as the marine life is protected, abundant, thriving  and the number of species present there is growing.

White Cove

If you are looking for a more hidden spot where you don’t have to share the beach with so many people the “Cala Blanca” is ideal. In fact, it is divided into two small coves, both of which are rocky, so we recommend that you bring some footwear so that your feet don’t suffer.

You can also snorkel there, as it has crystal-clear waters and the level of visibility is very high. It has a beach bar where you can have a drink or a snack and spend a day at the beach in a quieter place than usual in Jávea.

Sardinera Cove

Another cove with less people than usual, as it is not so easy to access. Keep this in mind because it can be a nice adventure to get there but if you are looking for comfort it may not be the best option. The easiest way to access this cove is with from the sea with a boat or kayak. Once you get there, you’ll be immersed in nature, with plenty of marine plants and crystal clear waters to dive and investigate what’s at the bottom of the sea.

Its name comes from the tradition of fishing sardines there and nowadays you will find a perfect environment to move around the sea by kayak or paddle surf while enjoying the views of the Montgó, the bay of Jávea or the Cape of San Antonio.

Portitxol Cove

With an atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of the Greek islands this rustic beach stands out for its traditional blue and white fishermen’s houses. It is very close to Portitxol Island, another perfect spot for scuba diving and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Bear in mind that there are few parking spaces and they tend to run out early. It has all the necessary services to spend an unforgettable day at the beach and you can also hire kayaks or canoes to change the perspective and see the landscape from the sea.

La Granadella Cove

Another place to marvel at the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. This cove is recommended for scuba diving and you will be able to see clearly everything that is hidden at the bottom of the sea. Cala Granadella has a blue flag and has become one of Jávea’s greatest treasures.

Although it is true that it is small in size (220 metres long), there is usually room to spend the day in peace and quiet, although it is best to visit outside the months of July and August, when it is most crowded. From here you can start the Granadella Castle route if you want to complete the experience.

Cala Ambolo Jávea

Ambolo Cove

Located near Cabo de la Nao, this cove is the only nudist beach in Jávea. Although it is a bit difficult to get to, it is well worth a few minutes’ walk. Remember that it is quite rocky and it is advisable to wear suitable footwear for a truly satisfactory visit.

It is an incomparable setting to forget the noise of the urban area. This is a place where you can disconnect and feel the true essence of the Mediterranean. Take the opportunity to go snorkelling but be aware that there are no lifeguard or rescue services here.

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