Murla: Land of legends, buried treasure and epic novels

A charming and peaceful village just 3km from the nearby villages of Parcent and Alcalali, Murla has a population of around 600, with many of the inhabitants recently settling from other European countries, providing a very cosmopolitan atmosphere whilst enjoying that very special and tranquil way of Spanish village life.

The village holds a special place in the hearts of Spansih sport lovers, as it is reputed to be the home of the “Valencian Ball Game”, better known as Pelota, and today tournaments are still held in the village square each weekend afternoon.

The village centres around an unusual fortified church with illuminated crypts and reconstructed towers, in stark contrast to the modern streelights nearby. The warm summer evenings see locals sitting outside their village houses with a cool drink ion their hands, watching the odd car pass by, such is the peaceful nature of the charming village.

Murla’s origins date back to medieval times when it was a Moorish farmstead situated around the nearby Castle of the Pop. In 1609 King Felipe the 3rd expelled the Moors, who fleed for their lives with only what possessions they could carry, hence the local legends of burried Moorish treasure in the surrounding countryside, non of which has been discovered to this day.


Today Murla is a far more peaceful place were visitors are made welcome and can experience the true Spanish village ambience and culture first hand.

Fiestas take place during the end of January in honour of St Sabastien, and again in the first week in August to celebrate the Divina Auroura, the Saviour and Virgin of the Defenceless.

Lovers of the outdoors will be impressed with the many activities and pastimes to be experienced in and around the village, with hiking, mountaineering cycling, ornathology, photography to name but a few.

After all that excercise what better way to relax then the dine in one of the village restaurants or take a refreshing drink of the excellant locally produced wines in one of Murla’s bars, accompanied by a little tapas perhaps?

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