How to plan a luxury holiday in Jávea: Recommendations and tips

Here are some recommendations and tips for those who want to live a unique experience in Jávea. A luxury holiday does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money, but that you can plan everything to make the investment worthwhile.

The Costa Blanca is one of the reference points of the Mediterranean, as it has an excellent climate to visit at any time of the year. Its calm and crystalline waters favour relaxing baths and the practice of water sports, as well as access to the best food to sample the local recipes.

Obviously, it is essential to calculate the approximate amount to spend when you are going to travel to Jávea.You need to think about where you are going to stay, what you want to do, how you are going to get from one place to another and how to pack your suitcase with everything you need for a luxury holiday on the Mediterranean coast.

Set your budget

Regardless of how much money you can spend, it is important to determine in advance the budget you want to set. A luxury holiday should not be synonymous
with splashing the cash or maxing out your credit card. Take time to think about what you want to experience in Jávea and what you are going to spend your money on.

In holiday resorts like Jávea, prices can vary considerably depending on a number of factors. Taking these into account when thinking about what you want to do, how and when you want to do it will allow you to have an equally spectacular experience but without the need for hefty bills.

Evaluate everything you want to do beforehand, establish your priorities and, from there, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable stay in Jávea with everything you need and much more. Here are some of the factors that have a direct impact on the total amount of your holiday.

villa de lujo en javea

Select the date of your holiday

Although it is normal to take holidays in the summer months, one of the advantages of Jávea is that it has a mild climate all year round, so you have some leeway when choosing when to travel. If you are looking for a lower price or less crowded beaches, you can opt for less crowded months in the spring or autumn seasons.

The style of travel you want to do is also important. For example, during the summer you will find more nightlife, festivals, etc. However, in autumn or winter you can enjoy a quieter experience.

We highlight the importance of the date and link it to the next point, the booking of accommodation, because in the travel industry it is essential to have some foresight if you want to avoid problems of availability. In addition, Jávea and the Costa Blanca are world leaders in tourism and receive large numbers of visitors.

Book your accommodation in advance

Another of the fundamental aspects when it comes to controlling costs is to book your stay some time in advance. This way, you will avoid last-minute price hikes and you will be able to keep your budget under control. Finding accommodation at a good price will allow you to spend more money on leisure activities or restaurants.

Also, by knowing in advance where you are going to stay, you will be able to research the place and its surroundings in order to get by on a day-to-day basis once you arrive at your destination. Jávea is a lively place with a lot of leisure activities, so you might want to keep the cultural agenda in mind if you are going to choose one week or another.

The weather is usually good, so you can practically always carry out your daily life outdoors. Keep this in mind when deciding where you want to stay. From Grupo Garcia we recommend the luxury villas located on large plots so that you can enjoy the after-dinner conversation or a dip in the pool whenever you feel like it.

Plan your activities

Jávea is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities, as it offers a wide variety of activities. From water sports to let off some adrenaline to more relaxing options to get in touch with the environment. Make your holidays anything but boring by preparing different plans.

A day at the beach doesn’t have to be boring, sunbathing and doing nothing. Discover the secret treasures of the Mediterranean coast by kayaking or paddle surfing. If you prefer, get close to the nooks and crannies of our coastline by yacht or jet ski for a luxury experience.

But here there are many plans beyond the sea: you can go hiking, play golf or make cultural visits both in Jávea and in the surrounding area, as the Valencian Community has absolutely everything. Plan your holidays with a variety of activities to make the most of your stay here.

Organise your transport

To ensure your comfort in Jávea, it is essential that you can get around easily. You can choose to travel in your own vehicle or hire a luxury car if you are arriving by plane. Either option is valid, but if you want to disconnect and make a complete change, it is a good opportunity to drive a high-end vehicle on your travels.

And although in Jávea you have everything you need for day-to-day life, while you are here, you can also visit different places in the Valencian geography. From excursions to other beaches or inland to visit larger cities such as Benidorm, Valencia or Alicante. One of the pros of staying on the Costa Blanca is that there are plenty of destinations to get to from your base camp in Jávea.

Contact us if you would like information on luxury services related to your stay here.

Prepare your luggage properly

One of the sticking points in a trip is the time to prepare everything you need. Packing at the last minute can be stressful, so we recommend that you do it in good time. You can make a list of all the plans we have mentioned above and think about what clothes or accessories will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

It is clear that one of the advantages when choosing your luggage is the climate in Javea. The whole Mediterranean coast enjoys pleasant temperatures in any month, so you won’t need a lot of warm clothes, which take up so much space in your suitcase. Comfortable clothes, swimming costumes and some sportswear to keep you active during your stay.

In short, preparing for a holiday in Jávea has a series of steps to be completed beforehand, but we know that it is important to plan everything related to the trip with time and tranquillity so that it is a luxury trip. Make the most of an incomparable setting with all the comforts to make the most of your luxury experience on the Costa Blanca.



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