Jávea’s Cala Sardinera is very charming because it is not one of the best known and therefore is not so crowded but offers incredible natural beauty. As it is less easily accessible, many tourists opt for other beaches and so it is able to maintain a good part of its essence and remains an unspoilt beauty spot.

However, this cove has the typical characteristics of Mediterranean beaches. You can swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters and the mild temperatures allow bathing almost any time of the year. Without a doubt, it is one of the great jewels of Jávea that you cannot miss.

To encourage you to take a trip to Cala Sardinera, in this article we will detail what you can find and why it is one of the favourite destinations for visitors to Jávea.

Visiting Cala Sardinera from the Sea

One of the differences of this cove is that access on foot is not easy. It is a 20 minute walk from the “Cruz de Portichol” down to the beach and an energetic hike back to the nearest road. Therefore, one of the most common ways of approaching it is from the sea. This way you can enjoy a less usual perspective, looking at the land instead of the horizon.

As this is a different kind of visit you can take the opportunity to plan an excursion and dedicate half a day or a whole day to it. You will get away from conventional beach tourism where you lay your towel on the sand and spend the hours between sunbathing and swimming.

Another advantage of choosing Cala Sardinera is that, being a little less accessible, it is rarely crowded, so you can enjoy a quieter day than usual even in high season.

Cala Sardinera Javea

Crystal clear water in Sardinera Cove

The coast of Javea is one of the most visited for the quality of its beaches and coves. In this sense, Cala Sardinera has nothing to envy to other enclaves of the Mediterranean. This natural beach is preserved in perfect condition due to the fact that it has not been damaged by tourism.

Here you will find the perfect place to investigate the seabed with diving goggles and admire the seaweed forests typical of the area. It is a real treat for nature lovers and a unique opportunity to get to know the great diversity of sea life and plants that exist in this environment.

Enjoy the water sports in Cala Sardinera

It is a highly recommended place to take advantage of all the potential offered by the Mediterranean, and that is why many people choose this cove for underwater activities such as scuba diving or snorkelling. You will be able to discover the great variety of fauna and flora thanks to the crystal clear waters of Cala Sardinera.

It is usually frequented by boats, motorboats and jet skis that take the opportunity to approach it from the sea due to the difficult access by land. It is an unspoilt cove that inspires peace and tranquillity, so to take a dip here is to instantly connect with nature.

Whether you come to Jávea on an excursion or if you have a house in Jávea, Cala Sardinera is a must see.

Posidonia Javea


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