Charming coves in Jávea: Granadella Cove

Among Jávea’s many treasures, Cala La Granadella is one of the best known. It is a place with a lot of real estate demand as the views are spectacular and you can live very close to a blue flag beach.

Without a doubt, in La Granadella you will enjoy an unequalled quality of life, whether you choose this place as a holiday destination or if you prefer to establish your residence here. The Mediterranean climate allows you to have a good time at any time of the year, which is why Jávea welcomes so many visitors from so many different places.

How to get to Cala La Granadella?

Despite its fame, it is important to bear in mind that La Granadella cove is not very long, barely 200 metres in length. For this reason, we recommend going there in the less crowded months or early in the morning. To get there, you can travel either by road or by sea.

By car, you can take the Granadella road, which is not very difficult, but as it is an area with housing estates, it is essential to pay attention to the signs. You can park in the car parks on the beach or on a nearby road.

You can also get there by sea if you want to avoid the crowds on the road. You can use a small boat or jet skis, which will allow you to enjoy the views from a different perspective.

Cala La Granadella

La Granadella, ideal for water sports lovers.

As it is a beach with crystalline waters, it is a favourite for water sports lovers. You will be able to contemplate the varied underwater fauna and flora, making the most of the Mediterranean.

As well as snorkelling to discover the life at the bottom of the sea, you can choose to relax by paddle surfing and discovering the nooks and crannies of the Costa Blanca.

There is also the possibility of renting small boats or jet skis, so that you can cover longer distances. Without a doubt, it is almost essential for anyone visiting Jávea and, more specifically, La Granadella cove, to dedicate at least one day to an excursion of this type.

Capture moments and landscapes

If you like photography and capturing spectacular landscapes, the Granadella Cove is one of those unique places with a lot of charm. Not only will you be able to live unique experiences, but these will take place in an incomparable setting that you will remember for the rest of your life.

As well as spending a typical day at the beach sunbathing or having a relaxing swim, you can enjoy the views. The landscapes you will find in Jávea are characteristic of the Mediterranean coast, and at Cala La Granadella you will have the opportunity to see them from different positions.

The fact that you can approach the cove by boat is a plus, as we are used to seeing the coast from land or from the air. The Mediterranean Sea is kind enough to make this kind of incursions and from here we encourage you to try another way to enjoy the landscape.

Cala Granadella Javea

Buying property near Granadella Cove

To take advantage of all the potential that Javea has to offer, buying a property in Cala La Granadella is an excellent option. Improve your quality of life with the villas and chalets we offer at Grupo Garcia, where we have decades of experience in the area at your disposal.

Our knowledge of the real estate market allows us to advise you in the process of buying property near Cala La Granadella. We identify the best investment opportunities in an unbeatable area, where you will be surrounded by a genuine Mediterranean landscape.

Contact us and we will inform you without obligation about the best areas to live in Jávea. Areas such as Cala Granadella are in great demand and it is important to know the characteristics of the properties before making a purchase offer. We can help you!

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