Buy Luxury Villas In Jávea, “Balcon Al Mar”

Living in Balcón al Mar de Jávea is a real luxury recommended to those who are looking for a place to connect with nature. The sense of peace and tranquillity experienced here will improve your quality of life and you will truly enjoy every day.

At Grupo Garcia we help you find luxury villas in Jávea thanks to our extensive real estate experience in this area. El Balcón al Mar continues to be one of the most sought after destinations and that is why we recommend you to buy a villa either to establish your residence there or to get an economic return on your investment.

Panoramic views in luxury villas in Jávea

It is well known that the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most attractive enclaves in the world. The combination of an extraordinary climate all year round and the natural paradise of its beaches make it the place chosen by many families to spend a few weeks of holidays or to live permanently.

From the Balcón al Mar you will have an incomparable view of the Costa Blanca, one of the great jewels of Spain. Spots such as Cabo de San Antonio or Cala del Portichol are a joy to behold, they transmit relaxation and little by little you will feel the physical and mental benefits of living by the sea.

Many people choose to live in luxury villas in Jávea because it completely transforms the way of life. You will no longer feel as if the days are passing, but will enjoy every moment of being surrounded by nature and having a home that becomes a window to the Mediterranean.

Villas de Lujo, Balcón al Mar

Modern luxury villas in Balcón al Mar, Jávea

Although it has a long seafaring tradition, Jávea has known how to adapt to the new times, and proof of this are these homes that have everything necessary to guarantee the comfort of its inhabitants.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the best finishes, you will feel that you lack nothing to enjoy your own oasis in the heart of the Mediterranean. Luxury villas can be located in any area of Jávea, but those with a panoramic view of the privileged surroundings are particularly attractive.

Choosing a luxury villa is a safe bet, as they are newly built homes with a modern and functional design. In this way, you can be sure that it will be many years before you have to make any renovations or changes and maintenance costs are reduced. Find your dream home for a new life.

Reasons to move to a luxury villa in Balcón al Mar, Jávea

Balcón al Mar is one of the most exclusive spots in Jávea. Living here is synonymous with tranquillity: surrounded by the sea and the mountains, you can disconnect from the noise and stress of the big city. Here you are assured of the calm that we all need to feel better.

The good thing about Jávea is that this relaxation does not come from isolation from civilisation, on the contrary. All the services, shops and educational centres are very close by, so you can live a normal life in that sense. Why give up something if you can have the best of both worlds?

More and more people are deciding to change their mind and buy a villa in Jávea. Moreover, you can make excursions to charming places like Denia, Calpe, Gandía or Benidorm within a radius of less than an hour’s drive.

Trust in Grupo García, real estate in Jávea to buy a luxury villa

If you want to look for luxury villas in Jávea with total guarantee, Grupo Garcia, Real Estate in Jávea provides you with individualised advice to help you find the perfect home for you. We know the property market in this area to perfection and we will offer you different options so that you can choose the most suitable one.

The process of buying a home is not always straightforward, which is why our expertise in this area is so helpful in making the right decision. All you have to do is tell us your preferences and what features your new home should have. From the established budget, we will propose you different properties to visit and it will cost you much less to find the best villa for you.

Contact us and we will put at your disposal all our experience when it comes to buying a luxury villa in Balcón al Mar in Jávea. We will inform you without obligation!

Villa Lujo Javea - Balcón al Mar

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