Buy flats in Jávea as an investment

The Costa Blanca has all the characteristics that make the Mediterranean coastline special. First class beaches, good weather all year round and hospitable people who welcome new tourists and residents with normality.

That is why buying flats in Jávea is an excellent investment opportunity. Moreover, the property market is wide enough to accommodate all budgets, from those looking for a small flat close to the beach to luxury villas with all the amenities.

Choose the area you are most interested in according to the lifestyle of potential clients. You can choose port or beach to enjoy the Mediterranean to the full; the town centre to have everything you need close at hand; or even the inland area where you will be surrounded by nature.

Flats in Jávea, a safe and profitable investment

The years go by and investing in Jávea is still a safe bet. The real estate market can go up and down, but this area continues to be one of the most recommended for investment, as the quality of its beaches and the pleasant climate throughout the year do not disappear.

There are two ways to invest: buy to rent or buy to renovate and revalue the property. Logically, each option must be approached with a different perspective and taking into account what the return may be.

If you are looking for an almost immediate income, we recommend the buy-to-let option. The flat can be furnished or you can buy low-cost furniture, bearing in mind that in this type of short-stay or summer housing, tenants do not spend so much time and the location is more important.

On the other hand, if you buy with the aim of refurbishing the property, you will need more time to get it in the right condition and it will take longer to get a return. However, the earning potential is greater if the materials used and the quality of the work are adequate. Offering a home with a Mediterranean essence equipped with all possible comforts can mean a considerable income, even if it takes a little longer to arrive.

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Trust in real estate professionals to buy flats in Javea as an investment

Although living in a flat in Jávea is one of the best decisions you could make, there is no denying that the buying process can be somewhat complicated if you decide to go it alone. Searching for properties that fit your budget, trusting that the advertisements are truthful, setting agendas with the different owners, managing all the relevant paperwork…

At Grupo Garcia we are used to streamlining the different phases, so that clients only have to focus on imagining themselves in the different flats they visit in order to make such an important decision in the best possible way.

We are aware that not everyone knows how the real estate market works, and that is why we provide you with agents specialised in the purchase of flats in Jávea. We will guide you along the way to find the home of your dreams. We know how important it is to find a home that meets all the requirements and that is why we like to help our clients to achieve it.

Living in a flat in Jávea

The quality of life in Jávea is beyond dispute. It is located in a simply spectacular area, where a great effort is made by the institutions to keep everything in a perfect state of conservation. As it is the main attraction, both the beaches and the sea water are subject to rigorous controls to ensure that everything is in order.


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