Wine routes in Jalón: a tour of the best vineyards from your luxury villa

While the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Valencian Community is the sea and the beach, the area of Jalón has another hidden treasure: the wine routes. It is the perfect destination for wine lovers, who will have the perfect excuse to get to know its impressive landscape.

Touring the best vineyards in the region is a real sensory journey where you can immerse yourself in a spectacular setting and enjoy the rich wine tradition of Jalón. You will be able to learn more about the wine culture and taste different varieties, all of them of the highest quality.

For those staying in luxury villas, a visit to the Jalon vineyards is the icing on the cake for an exclusive vacation.

Jalon´s wine tradition

Wine is one of the most popular drinks in Spain and, by extension, in Europe. But in addition to there being a large consumption, the wine tradition is rooted in our culture. Therefore, beyond everything that surrounds the sale of wine, in places like Jalón we have the opportunity to learn a little better the process of cultivation and production of this drink.

Jalón has a long winemaking tradition that goes back several generations. There are different typical grape varieties and when you visit a vineyard you can learn to distinguish the small nuances that can be appreciated by sight, smell and palate.

Some people think that defining the tradition of wine as a culture is too bold, but the truth is that it is part of the history of the people of Jalón and it is one more attraction of the area that you cannot miss.

tradicion vinicola de jalon

Outstanding vineyards to visit

In addition to the color and character they bring to the landscape, the vineyards are a highlight in Alicante’s geography because they are tradition and essence of the Valencian Community. Obviously, wine lovers are the ones who most enjoy these places, but any nature lover can visit one of the vineyards of Jalón and spend a pleasant day.

Bodegas Xaló is probably the most renowned place in the area, for its history and for the care with which they look after each and every one of their visitors. As we will comment later, it offers a wide variety of products, but also an unforgettable experience to immerse yourself in a spectacular environment with the excuse of tasting a good wine and learning how it is grown.

Wine tourism experiences

In line with the previous point, the owners of the vineyards have been able to transform themselves over the years and adapt to the new times. Therefore, the vineyards are no longer only the place of cultivation and production, but also offer different wine tourism activities, from wine tastings to wine pairing workshops.

This is a proposal that adapts to any type of visitor, since you can go with friends to have a good time but also with the family, and the little ones of the house can understand the whole process that follows the grape from its cultivation to its consumption (of course they will not drink!).

As we have already mentioned, Bodegas Xaló offers tastings of its varieties of mistela or the white wines made with muscatel grapes; while at the Bodega Museo Maserof you will not only find activities related to wine, but you will also learn about the Roman villa in which it is located.

Buying local wines

Visiting one of these wineries will give you access to wines and grape varieties that are not always available in supermarkets . Therefore, you can take advantage of the visit to take some bottles with you, either as a souvenir or simply to enjoy during the after-dinner conversation during your stay in Jalón. Imagine a  relaxed chat enjoying the typical wines of the region.

These unique wines that carry with them the pure essence of the Valencian Community also serve as the perfect gift for when you return from your trip. In the two wineries mentioned above you will find a wide variety of products, and they will also be able to advise you on which are the best wines depending on your preferences. At the end of the day, the knowledge of the professionals and their experience is fundamental when it comes to choosing the best possible product.

Tips for a successful tour

One of the advantages of the Jalon area is that the Mediterranean climate makes it the perfect host any time of the year. Temperatures are mild and there are plenty of sunny
days, so no matter when you vacation you are likely to have good weather. The gap between late summer and early fall is the best time to see grapes at their peak.

You can do some prep work on your part, as all trips have a component of anticipation that makes them more exciting, but you can also choose a tour guide so you don’t
have to worry about anything but enjoying the experience.

Jalon is a highly recommended destination and from Grupo Garcia we offer you a wide variety of luxury villas so that the accommodation has everything you need and that your visit to this area is unforgettable.

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