Why is Javea the hot spot on the Costa Blanca?

Spain is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations and, more specifically, the Mediterranean coast is one of the jewels in the crown. Amongst all the options on the coast, Jávea remains one of the best bets for those looking for a place that is both peaceful and entertaining at the same time.

Despite decades of being considered as the Costa Blanca’s reference point, its popularity has not only not diminished but in recent years it has seen its importance grow.

It is an ideal place to spend a holiday or to buy a property and establish your residence here. The great variety offered by the real estate market in Jávea has meant that families and investors have chosen this authentic paradise with all the essence of the Mediterranean.

Paradisiacal beaches and coves

Obviously, the main attraction are its beaches and coves, kept in a perfect state of conservation as the authorities are aware of the importance they have for the locality. Here you can relax and disconnect from everyday life, breathing fresh air and absorbing vitamin C on the countless days of sunshine throughout the year.

The good climate means that we can enjoy the sea all year round. Even in winter, even if you don’t want to go in the water, you can walk along the promenade or the shore at a good temperature.

The Arenal beach or coves such as La Grava, La Granadella or Portitxol are also the perfect setting for water sports. Whether you want to get to know the area better by snorkelling, kayaking or paddle surfing, or if you like the thrills of jet skiing or kitesurfing, in Jávea you will find companies specialising in these activities to ensure you have the best time possible.

javea - a trendy place on the costa blanca

Historical and cultural richness

Beyond the enormous natural charm of this area, it should not be overlooked that throughout the ages cultural and social vestiges of what has been one of the most important areas of Europe have been left behind. Always looking towards the Mediterranean and receiving influences from other countries, here you can visit monuments and buildings that encapsulate the history of the area.

In addition to all the interesting things that Jávea preserves, testimony to its Mediterranean essence, it is also close to other important towns in the Valencian Community, so you can plan cultural outings within a short distance, so that the number of leisure alternatives multiplies.

The historical and cultural richness of Jávea can be appreciated by simply strolling through its ancient streets. Monuments such as the Church of Nuestra Señora del Loreto or the Church of San Bartolomé remind us of the mark left by religious buildings, as well as the Casa-Palacio de Antonio Banyuls or the Town Hall, built in the 18th century.

Local gastronomy

Another of Jávea’s main attractions is its gastronomy. A fusion of traditional and modern recipes with top quality food. The privileged environment in which it is located is capable of providing fish and seafood with a spectacular flavour, but also vegetables and fruits that refresh and give colour to the dishes.

In addition, there is a wide variety of restaurants, each with its own style, where you can enjoy different dishes. In this way, you will find multiple possibilities to eat exquisite dishes with unbeatable views.

And the best of all is that you won’t only be able to eat well in restaurants. In Jávea you can buy zero-kilometre food to make your own recipes at home, with top-quality products and exclusive shops where you can indulge your taste buds. Let yourself be carried away by a carousel of flavours that will give you a different perspective of the so-called Mediterranean diet.

Activities and leisure

Although it is an ideal destination to relax and rest, Jávea also has the opposite side, offering numerous leisure alternatives for those who want to maintain an active life full of emotions.

Here you can make the most of the Mediterranean with water sports ranging from kayaking to snorkelling, paddle surfing to kitesurfing. You can also sail the seas on jet skis or small boats to explore every corner of the coast.

The offer is wide and varied, always with the peace of mind that there are specialised companies behind everything to guarantee fun and safety at the same time.

International community

Jávea is also renowned for being an excellent host for people who come from other countries and want to spend an unforgettable holiday or take up residence here. It has been welcoming visitors from all over the world for decades, so that its inhabitants, services and shops are used to being friendly and welcoming foreigners with open arms.

Thus, an international community has gradually formed, guaranteeing diversity in a cosmopolitan environment. Language is not a barrier here, as English has become a common language for those who want to integrate without the difficulty of not understanding anything in the first few weeks.

On the other hand, welcoming people of different nationalities only enriches an environment where you can learn a lot from each other. This welcoming spirit encourages coexistence and creates a welcoming atmosphere in all senses.

Modern projects and developments

Another of Jávea’s most striking characteristics is that it has been able to modernise and renew itself so as not to remain anchored in the past. In this way, modern projects have been developed that raise its profile as a luxury destination for both foreigners and nationals.

The key to making this work is the organic fusion of all the advances in technology and design with the more traditional side. Jávea does not want to lose its essence and so is true to its DNA, maintaining its history and Mediterranean character.

However, in order to remain an attractive place, both the interior and exterior of its homes have been adapted to the times and here you will find properties with all the comforts and the latest trends in design.

Sustainability and nature

The authorities have understood that Jávea’s natural charm was one of its main attractions, and have therefore joined forces to preserve it. In this respect, the natural heritage is protected through ecological initiatives and protected areas.

The Montgó Natural Park, the Cap de Sant Antoni Marine Reserve and Cova Tallada, among other outstanding places, stand out. There, the typical fauna and flora of the area merge together, forming landscapes that are typically characteristic of the Costa Blanca, the Valencian Community and, more specifically, Jávea.

You will be able to enjoy these wonders following the basic rules of ecological respect by means of the perfectly signposted hiking routes and the viewpoints that allow you to have a complete perspective of the area. Without a doubt, maintaining these jewels for future generations should be an unavoidable priority.

Accessibility and connections

When we say that Jávea is in a privileged location, we are not only referring to the town itself, but also to the whole of the Costa Blanca and the Valencian Community. Cities such as Alicante or Valencia are relatively close to be connected with large centres; medium-sized places such as Benidorm, Torrevieja, Gandía or Elche; and a large number of charming villages that you can discover.

Most of these places are perfectly connected to Jávea. And the few that are a little more difficult to reach have hiking routes that make them even more attractive, as it will be an unforgettable adventure to reach them.

Therefore, the connectivity of Jávea with other municipalities in the Valencian Community multiplies its value, as visitors are not limited to staying in the town but can plan excursions or simply know that they have plenty of alternatives with excellent connections.

Opinions and testimonials

Visitors are generally delighted with their visit to Jávea. Enjoying the sea and the tranquillity of beaches and coves that are in a perfect state of preservation is always a pleasure. In addition to the typical relaxation of sunbathing, there are many who praise the possibility of practising water activities with all the safety standards covered.

They also highlight the pleasant surprise of finding small architectural treasures as you walk through the old town of Jávea. Its essence and history remain intact despite the renovation it has undergone to adapt to our times.

The possibility of enjoying these marvellous landscapes at the same time as tasting the Mediterranean gastronomy is another of Jávea’s plus points. Complete your experience with traditional and modern meals in some of the many restaurants that give flavour to the Valencian town.

javea the trendy place on the costa blanca

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