Why have a second home in Jávea?

Jávea is one of the best places on the Mediterranean coast to locate your second home. It is a place with everything you need to become your own private oasis, the place where you can escape to whenever you want to disconnect from the stress of everyday life.

Its privileged location guarantees a pleasant climate all year round, so you will have days of beach and good weather at your disposal. The scenery here is spectacular, whether you want to enjoy the sea or take a trip into the interior of the province.

More and more people are choosing Jávea as a second home, whether they are Spanish or foreigners. The friendly and welcoming character of its people also makes visitors feel at ease every time they visit Jávea and that is why many take the next step and buy or rent a property.

If you would like more information about the property market in Jávea, please contact us without obligation. We have decades of experience in this area and we will accompany you throughout the whole process to reduce costs and worries.


Ideal climate all year round

Jávea is conceived as a Mediterranean oasis in which to locate your own refuge. Escape the hectic pace of the big city with the chance to completely disconnect and reconnect with yourself. The sea, beaches and inland landscapes will be your perfect companions.

This coastal town is not just a holiday destination. You can stay here at any time of the year, both at weekends and long weekends, as well as for longer periods. Its natural surroundings will provide you with the perfect setting to achieve the wellbeing and disconnection that we all need so much.

Waking up every morning here will improve your quality of life thanks to the connection with nature in its purest state. In addition to the climate, the Mediterranean essence can be breathed while strolling through the streets of the old town and the possibility of having lunch or dinner outside thanks to the pleasant temperatures.

Don’t wait any longer and turn Jávea into your own private refuge. Investing in a second home here is a safe bet, as you will find the ideal environment for the greatest wellbeing at all levels.

clima ideal todo el año en javea

Real estate investment opportunities

We have been working in this area for many years and we know that the property market in Jávea is an excellent investment opportunity. There is great stability here, as the natural attraction will not be lost and, although the years go by, this is still a highly valued destination for national and foreign visitors.

Living near the coast is an excellent attraction for those seeking peace and tranquillity. For this reason, there is always a great demand in this area of the real estate sector and Jávea has been a recurring destination for visitors from different backgrounds and budgets for decades.

The great thing about properties in Jávea is that they are not just confined to four walls, but are often located in very attractive surroundings. For example, in the case of luxury villas, they are set on large plots of land so that you can enjoy outdoor living within your own private grounds.

Nowadays, investing in Jávea is a safe bet, not only because of the intrinsic value of the property but also because of the rental potential it has thanks to tourism, which offers a higher and faster return on investment.

Quality of life and wellbeing

It is scientifically proven that living near the sea has positive effects on our health. The fresh Mediterranean air is beneficial for the respiratory system, while strengthening the immune system and helping to reduce stress levels.

Also, having good weather so many days a year is conducive to a healthy and active lifestyle. Here you can practice a wide variety of sports without feeling like you’re “suffering”. Take to the sea for kayaking, paddle surfing or snorkelling. You can also take advantage of the inland routes for hiking or cycling.

All these details help you to have a great quality of life. Beyond material possessions, the important thing is to find physical and mental wellbeing. To do this, we must give priority to health and surround ourselves with people and environments that are beneficial to our life plan. In this aspect, Jávea meets all the requirements, since here you will find a very friendly population with those who come from abroad and local authorities that work to preserve the environment and provide leisure alternatives suitable for all preferences and ages.

Connectivity and accessibility

Another of Jávea’s advantages is how well connected it is to other parts of Spain and Europe. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean coast, visitors from all over the world arrive easily and quickly, whether by land, sea or air. This makes it the ideal place to set up your second home, as you can move around comfortably at any time of the year.

In addition, access to other parts of the Valencian Community and, by extension, Spain, encourages domestic tourism. Alicante, Benidorm, Dénia, Valencia and Castellón are some of the destinations you should not miss if you want to immerse yourself in the essence of the Mediterranean and get to know all the different aspects of an area with so many points of interest.

Aware of the importance of being well connected, Jávea has made a clear commitment to updating its infrastructure, so that travelling to other places or simply getting around the town is no problem at all. Accesses have been improved and mobility barriers have been eliminated, making it easier to move from one area to another.

Gastronomic and cultural experiences

Another of Jávea’s attractions is a gastronomic scene that is not only limited to restaurants, but throughout the year activities are organised to connect in a different way with Mediterranean cuisine.

It goes without saying that this gastronomy has become one of the mainstays of the Costa Blanca’s tourist attraction. Combine traditional recipes with more modern preparations and you will be able to taste dishes that will please and surprise you in equal parts.

It is easy to find places to have lunch or dinner outdoors, taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate, which is always favourable for this type of outing. In addition, there are events with food as the main focus, which serve as an excuse to get together and socialise with the people of Jávea and its visitors.

If you are a lover of good food or are interested in the boom in wineries, here you will find a wide variety of options for eating and drinking top quality products. Plan excursions that mix leisure and gastronomy to live experiences with all five senses.

Outdoor activities and leisure

We have already mentioned the importance of the Mediterranean climate in attracting visitors to Jávea, and this is directly associated with outdoor activities. A proactive sporting lifestyle promotes better health and is suitable for all ages.

Here you can practise water sports, cycling, hiking, etc. Although they do not require a very high degree of difficulty or a demanding physical preparation, it is obvious that this type of activity is beneficial for our organism, as it is a workout for body and mind that does not feel heavy as it takes place in a simply spectacular environment.

It is also often explained to us that this type of activity has the capacity to create unforgettable memories, as it is out of the ordinary and that makes it stick, especially if you share it with family or friends. This collective feeling is appreciated by those who are looking to strengthen a bond, although there are many people who want to practice it alone in order to fully immerse themselves in the experience they are living.

Community and social life

As is often said, human beings are social creatures by nature, so interaction with other people is fundamental to our development. A full and satisfying social life has a direct impact on mood, as well as helping to reduce anxiety or stress. Improve your health in a fun way by chatting with people and doing interesting activities.

Jávea has a long tradition of welcoming tourists, temporary residents and expatriates. Hence, activities and popular festivals are organised to create an atmosphere of comfort between newcomers and those who have lived here all their lives.

The feeling of belonging is deeply rooted both for the locals and for those who come from abroad to settle in Jávea. Whether permanently or as a second home, living here allows one to integrate into the social and cultural life typical of the Mediterranean coast. Traditionally welcoming and friendly people, in Jávea you will find outdoor activities to socialise and enjoy leisure time in company.

Logically, the purchase of a second home requires a series of steps that are not always easy if you do not have specialized knowledge. For this reason, at Grupo Garcia we put at your disposal our professionals with decades of experience to advise you in a personalised way.

Tips for buying a second home in Jávea

Logically, the purchase of a second home requires a series of steps that are not always easy if you do not have specialized knowledge. For this reason, at Grupo Garcia we put at your disposal our professionals with decades of experience to advise you in a personalised way.

The first thing you should do is to check the real estate market in Jávea, get to know the characteristics of the different areas and neighbourhoods to understand which one best suits your lifestyle. Obviously, it will not be the same to buy a flat in the old town than to go to an exclusive urbanization to live in a luxury villa.

In addition, there are aspects that may condition the purchase of a property depending on your situation and condition. At a fiscal and legal level, it does not work in the same way for Spanish citizens as it does for foreigners, so we recommend that you inform yourself correctly to avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

Although it may seem a complicated process, buying a second home in Jávea is much easier if you have the support of specialists such as Grupo Garcia. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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