What type of property to buy in Jávea?

There is a great variety of properties to buy in Jávea and this makes it one of the favorite places to live because our clients can find exactly what they are looking for.

When you want to buy a house you are looking for the perfect home, one that has everything you need to live the life you dream of. That’s why at Grupo Garcia we gather all the information you need to refine your search and filter the results that truly match your preferences.

Villas for sale in Jávea

The real estate market in Jávea stands out for a wide range of villas that delight buyers. Enjoying the surroundings while living in a property that really makes you happy is very easy and that is why we recommend you consult our portfolio.

At Grupo Garcia we specialise in personalised advice and here we would like to show you the different types of villas to buy in Jávea. Choose the style you like the most and we will help you in the buying and selling process.

Villas a la Venta en Jávea

Villas for sale in Jávea with Swimming Pool

Enjoying the Mediterranean and its coastline is something spectacular but having a swimming pool in your home increases the feeling of tranquillity that the water transmits. Turn your home into an oasis thanks to the villas with swimming pools that are to be found in Jávea.

Having the possibility of a swim without having to leave your home is a real luxury especially during the time of year with higher temperatures. Take advantage of the hours of sunshine and cooling off in your own garden thanks to the villas or chalets with swimming pools for sale in Jávea.

In addition, the pool will become the focal point of your meetings with family and friends who will want to come and visit you because of the excellent atmosphere that is generated. It is always a great attraction and you will become the perfect host by setting up parties around the pool.

Villas for sale in Jávea with Garden

To increase the feeling of spaciousness of your plot, there is nothing like a well-kept garden. It’s perfect for not being always indoors and extending your home beyond the four walls.

Logically, having a pleasant outdoor space is essential to spend more time chatting, or simply to enjoy the outdoors. If you have small children, they will be able to play and run around without any problems and the mess in the house will be less!

Contact us and we will show you the best villas with gardens in Jávea. Our years of experience in the area allow us to detect the best investment opportunities and we will provide you with properties that do not appear on traditional websites. In addition, we will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not to buy one of the villas or chalets for sale in Jávea with a garden.

Villas for sale in Jávea with Sea Views

Obviously, one of the main attractions of living in Jávea is the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, having the possibility of seeing it from your own home is something that many of our clients value. We know the positive impact of the sea on health and mood, and that is why we will help you find the best villas for sale in Jávea with sea views.

If you want to live a happy and relaxed life, having all the comforts of home in your own home is a must. Although sometimes we focus on the material, the environment that surrounds us also influences how we feel, and that is why seeing the sea from home is highly recommended.

At Grupo Garcia we manage a wide portfolio of villas or chalets for sale with views of the Mediterranean Sea for those clients who are looking to bring the calm of the sea into their home and that is why we search the best value for money buying opportunities.

Villas for sale in Jávea by Design

Despite being a town that is committed to Mediterranean tradition, you will also find more modern villas with a contemporary design. For lovers of top quality, open-plan spaces and collector’s furniture, there is a wide range of designer villas in Jávea.

There are those who seek comfort and aesthetics above all else, and in this sense, designer villas in Jávea are a great option. Our agents will help you with the best buying opportunities so that you can keep track of all the available properties.

Sometimes, this type of villas are left out of the home search websites because they are exclusive or the owner does not want to deal with the uncomfortable part of the sale. However, at Grupo Garcia we constantly and exhaustively search Jávea to find the best designer villas or chalets for sale in Jávea.

Modern Villas for sale in Jávea

In the midst of the technological era, advances have also been incorporated into homes, and little by little villas have been improved at this level. For example, home automation has gone from being considered a frivolity to making a lot of sense to increase the efficiency and functionality of homes.

Over time, homes have adapted to the new needs of families, and therefore it no longer makes sense to maintain the same distribution as a century ago. In Jávea you will find modern villas for sale with everything you need to lead a practical life where everything is faster and more comfortable.

Our agents will help you to find properties with the profile you are looking for in the quickest and most efficient way. We can inform our clients of the movements in the real estate market and the new opportunities that appear to buy modern villas or chalets for sale in Jávea.

Villas de Lujo en Jávea

Luxury Villas in Jávea to live and invest in.

Jávea is a perfect place to buy luxury villas whether you want to live there or to get a return on your investment. It is a destination with high demand thanks to its excellent climate and unbeatable surroundings. Grupo Garcia will provide you with all the necessary information depending on your purchase objective.

Although the property market can fluctuate, it continues to be a very buoyant area for investment. While other areas may vary in value to a greater extent, Jávea has been established as one of the Mediterranean’s reference points for decades, and everything seems to indicate that this will continue to be the case.

When it comes to buying luxury villas, having the support of specialist professionals can help to reduce the sale price considerably. Thanks to our experience in this area we can spot the best market opportunities, alerting you to properties for sale that do not appear on typical websites.

Luxury villas in Jávea combine high-end features: top quality finishes, spacious areas, ornamental gardens, indoor and/or outdoor swimming pools, etc. If you are looking for exclusive properties in Jávea, this is the place.

New Build Opportunities in Jávea

New build properties are those that have just been built, so you are guaranteed that their condition has not been damaged by the passing of time or the wear and tear caused by other tenants.

It is considered a market opportunity because it offers greater payment flexibility when buying off-plan, as you only have to pay a tenth of the price as a deposit, while the mortgage amount (around 80%) is paid when you sign the title deed.

These new-build homes usually incorporate the latest advances in energy efficiency, so in the long run consumption will be lower. In addition, everything will be in optimal conditions and you will save having to invest money in reforms. At Grupo Garcia we have a wide portfolio of new build properties in Jávea available.

New build appartments in Jávea

These types of new build flats in Jávea are the perfect choice for those people who want to move in with everything in order, without complications. Or in case you buy as an investment and want to rent, you will be able to ask for a higher price as the aesthetics will be much more cared for than in older flats.

New build flats can be found in different formats, and you can choose different features in the same development. If you want to customize your home with something specific, you can negotiate with the builders to have the rooms to your needs.

In Grupo Garcia we will show you the best new build flats in Jávea so that you know all the possible options before making the final decision.

 New build villas and chalets in Jávea

Following the same line of taking advantage of the opportunities of new construction in Jávea, there are villas and chalets with everything you need to lead a life full of comfort. This way, you can be sure that the property you buy will not give you any unpleasant surprises that the sellers have hidden. In addition, you will be able to follow the construction process if you buy off-plan for greater peace of mind.

If you are looking for a villa or chalet to suit your taste, forget the idea of renovating an old house, as this can be a long and tedious process, as well as requiring a large budget to modernise and update installations, rooms, etc.

Find a new villa or chalet in Jávea that suits your style with the best prices in the real estate market in the area, we help you!

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