What to do in Jalón?

Although the Region of Valencia is mainly known for its kilometres of coastline, the reality is that inland you will also find real treasures such as the Jalón Valley. Here you will discover picturesque landscapes, vineyards and a wide variety of cultural vestiges. For lovers of peace and quiet in a green area, this is a safe bet.

Getting to know nature is easier if you stay away from the noise of the crowds. Although popular for its charms, this valley remains under the radar, allowing those ‘allergic’ to beach tourism to find an alternative plan in the incomparable setting of the Jalón Valley.

The rural atmosphere and the feeling of disconnection from the rhythm of society lately, the also called Pop Valley is made up of the following municipalities: Benichembla, Murla, Parcent, Alcalalí, Lliber and Jalón. In this article we are going to break down everything you can do in this area if you go on holiday or if you choose to take up residence here.

Antiques and crafts market

If you want to get to know the history and culture of a place, antiques markets are usually a meeting point where the products and the relationships with the traders tell us a lot. In the case of Jalón, it is held every Saturday and people come from all over the world to discover little gems steeped in history.

In this market you can find practically everything, depending on the week. It is a good place to buy works of art, ceramics or furniture. We also recommend it for collectors with the finest palates, as this is the place to find original items of great economic and sentimental value.

Moreover, this market is not only charming because of the antiques and craft products, but also because of the excellent atmosphere that is generated, turning every Saturday into a festive event where people from different places come together to spend a relaxed time. The essence of the Jalón Valley can be breathed in these conversations, sometimes transactions, and you can’t miss the opportunity to experience first-hand everything that is going on here.

antiguedades de jalon

Wine route and tastings

Over the years, wine has become more than just a drink. Vineyards and wineries have become the ideal meeting point for wine lovers, regardless of their level of knowledge of the production process of some of the best European wines.

Learning about the region’s winemaking tradition is another way of discovering the culture and history of the Jalón Valley. As in other parts of Spain, winemaking has taken a step forward and more and more people are opting for an alternative plan that goes beyond tasting local wines.

The Bodegas Jalón or the Bodega Museo Maserof are two places where you can take a guided tour to understand the importance of taking care of every detail when cultivating the grapes and working them to discover why the wines of Jalón are so highly regarded. Wine tastings have become fashionable and are a suitable plan for any time of the year.

Hiking and nature

One of the easiest and most attractive ways to explore the Jalón Valley is hiking. In this area you will find well signposted routes for you to walk, at your own pace, along paths that will allow you to discover simply spectacular surroundings. If you are going to be near here, you must visit this special little piece of land, the Vall de Pop.

The interior of the Valencian Community has nothing to envy to the coast, although it is not so popular. Take a walk through the whole valley to breathe in the fresh air and recover the sense of calm and tranquillity that sometimes escapes us in the big city. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the varied native flora that illustrates the landscapes.

These hiking routes will take you to interesting spots such as the Sierra de Bernia, an enclave where it is easy to reconnect with nature. From time to time, we need to take a break, leave the stress behind and remember that human beings should also enjoy the environment that surrounds us instead of being hooked to a screen all day long.

Local gastronomy

Mediterranean cuisine is another of the attractions of the Valencian Community, and many tourists are aware of how good the food is here and this is one of the reasons for coming to the area. Here you can find traditional recipes with avant-garde dishes, combining simplicity with a greater elaboration depending on each case.

The local produce brings a high quality to all the preparations, as this land is favourable for growing vegetables, as well as for catching fish and seafood in the Mediterranean. All of this means that the ingredients are of the highest quality and, therefore, the flavours are more genuine. Discovering the essence of this area through taste is another possibility and highly recommended, by the way.

Another of the advantages of eating in the Jalón Valley is that there is a wide variety of restaurants, from the simplest and most traditional to places where every detail is taken care of for an exquisite experience and the avant-garde is one of the main driving forces of gastronomy. Don’t hesitate to eat or dine out whenever you can because it will be an unforgettable experience.

Festivals and cultural events

Cultural celebrations are another of the elements that define a town or region. It is the purest expression of the identity of a town, of its people. The whole Mediterranean basin and surrounding area has a cultural legacy with centuries of history, and that is why it is important to hold on to them and maintain them, even if it is with the updates of our own time.

In the case of Jalón, there are some particularly important dates in the calendar, such as the festivities of San Sebastián or the Wine Fair. The festivities last for days and are a great time for locals and visitors to get to know a little more about the culture of the area.

Activities are organised to showcase the local culture, whether through music, dance or traditional celebrations that link us to the past and the identity of Jalón. If you have availability of dates, we recommend you not to miss these days because the town is transformed and the valley has a characteristic brightness that reconciles us with our land and our customs.

Photography and landscapes

Fans of landscape photography have a real treat in the Jalón Valley, as the scenery where you can take photos looks like a film set. The nature that serves as a backdrop brings together the most characteristic species of native flora, and depending on the time and place, you will also find a wide variety of animals.

One of the main protagonists of the area is the almond blossom. Its blossom is known and admired all over the world, as it shows the exuberance that nature can reach at the right moment. If you want to take a snapshot, here you have the ideal conditions. Many photography lovers come to this area to capture moments and places that deserve to be immortalised.

Another option is to stroll through the valley’s vineyards, which allow you to walk through expanses of land with a very characteristic landscape. What’s more, you can always use the grape as a source of inspiration? Without a doubt, this area of the Region of Valencia is highly recommended for those who want to give free rein to their passion for photography.

Local buying experiences

On another occasion we have mentioned the importance of sustainable tourism, and the fact is that efforts must be made by different actors to ensure that places like the Jalón Valley continue to be as pleasant a destination as they are today. To this end, it is essential to support local commerce, otherwise the economy of the place will suffer and lose the charm of the most genuine side of the Valley.

You can take advantage of your visit to buy typical local products. You can buy a wide variety of handmade products, with the aim of taking the flavours and aromas of the Jalón Valley home with you. You can also buy works by local artists and craftsmen, so you will always have a souvenir of the time you spent here.

Furthermore, by supporting local businesses and local people, you are helping to ensure that the Jalón Valley continues to be an interesting place for its own inhabitants, preserving the sustainable tourism we mentioned earlier.

Consejos prácticos para visitantes

As in any other trip, planning everything or at least part of it will always be useful to avoid last minute problems. Of course, the unexpected can always happen, but it generally increases the chances that everything will go smoothly. Doing a reconnaissance of the area from a distance, through Internet searches and online maps will allow you to know where you can move around, what transport you need or what is the most suitable footwear.

One of the advantages of buying a house in Jalón is that it doesn’t have the crowds of other nearby towns, such as Jávea or Benidorm. This allows for a quieter stay, so you can opt for this option if you prefer a relaxing holiday where you can really disconnect from everyday life and stress.

However, as the Mediterranean climate is quite friendly all year round, we recommend that you do not come during the summer months to avoid excessive crowds, both in the places to visit and possible traffic jams on the road. Choose less crowded dates and the experience will be unbeatable.

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