Walking Routes in Jávea

Although Jávea is renowned for the great attraction of its beaches, it should not be forgotten that it has many green landscapes in which to connect with nature. Exploring these wonderful corners of Jávea and its surroundings is much easier thanks to the hiking trails.

Whether you are visiting Jávea for a few days or if you have your permanent residence in Jávea, here you will find different alternatives for walking routes suitable for all levels and ages. Here are the best options for hiking and trekking in Jávea.

Montgó Peak Route

Lovers of moderately demanding routes can set off from the Galeretes area in Denia to complete a 754 metre route and enjoy the marvellous views of the Cima del Montgó.

This is a circular route which passes along the Camino de la Colonia and the steepest part is up the Barraco de l’Emboixar. It is essential to have suitable footwear to walk for more than three hours. The distance covered will be just over 7 kilometres, so if you are travelling with children or elderly people, it is essential to take it easy and make several stops along the way.

Granadella Castle Route

Granadella Castle is one of the most representative places, and walking up to it along the cliffs of Jávea becomes an unforgettable adventure. Obviously, it has a certain difficulty and for this reason it is not recommended for everyone. Although it is a relatively short distance (just over 3 kilometres) and can be completed in less than two hours, the slope can be a problem, as can the uneven ground.

In any case, as well as being able to appreciate how magnificent the castle is, you will have the chance to finish the route with a swim in the Mediterranean, a real luxury that will be the best reward for having exercised in a healthy environment.

Ruta Castillo Granadella

San Antonio Lighthouse Route

Another way to merge the coast with the interior is to complete the route that leads to the San Antonio lighthouse, another of the most representative enclaves of the Costa Blanca. This route is simpler, although it is almost 10 kilometres long. The views are exceptional and many visitors come to enjoy the surroundings, so we recommend avoiding rush hour in the summer months.

Leaving from La Grava beach and passing by Cala Tangó, the path is perfectly signposted to climb up to the cliffs and viewpoints, from where you can admire the Mediterranean coast in all its splendour. As we mentioned, this is not an excessively complicated route, and there are numerous places where you can stop for a break, enjoy the views and recharge your batteries to continue onwards.

Cape San Antonio and Los Molinos route

Another low-difficulty route so that the whole family can recognise such characteristic points of the Mediterranean coast as the Gulf of Valencia or the beaches of Denia. Less than 7 kilometres separate the starting and finishing points, so the journey takes approximately two hours.

The route starts at the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, where you can leave your vehicle without any problems as there is a convenient car park. In Los Molinos you will find a viewpoint from where you can contemplate the coastline and merge with the purely Mediterranean nature.

Ruta Molinos Jávea

Enjoy hiking in Jávea all year round by buying a property

Logically, the best way to make the most of the potential of the hiking routes in Jávea is with the possibility of living here all year round. At Grupo Garcia we advise you on buying property in Jávea so that you can find the property that best suits your preferences.

In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the excellent Mediterranean climate throughout the year, with pleasant temperatures and little rainfall so that your plans to go for a walk are not spoiled. Our experience in the area allows us to recommend the best priced properties in Jávea.

Propiedades en Jávea


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