Traditional architecture in Jávea: a walk through its history and culture and culture from your luxury villa

In addition to all the natural beauty so characteristic of the Mediterranean coast, in Jávea and the surrounding area you will find a great variety of monuments and cultural traditions that
show the rich history of the area. In this article we will focus on the traditional architecture of Jávea so that you will have the option to visit very special places full of charm.

If you are going to spend some time in a luxury villa in Jávea but you don’t want to give up the chance to explore the characteristic buildings and corners of the Costa Blanca, we recommend that you visit the key points of the traditional architecture. This way you will discover that it is not just a sun and beach destination, but there is also time for cultural outings and to learn more about the history of an enclave as representative as this in the Region of Valencia.

The historical influence on the luxury villas

One of the great attractions of staying in a luxury villa is its aesthetics. Although you can find all types and styles, there are many that have incorporated elements of the region’s traditional architecture creating homes that are a perfect blend of old and new.

In this way, you can have all the comforts of a modern-day home, both in terms of appliances or the latest technological advances on the market, such as home automation but without renouncing
a more classical architectural style.

The most classic Mediterranean design is reflected in many of the luxury villas in Jávea. If you are looking for an accommodation that encapsulates the tradition of the area with the guaranteed comfort, you can consult us about the villas that best suit your tastes.

calles antiguas de javea

The charm of the old streets

One of the great successes of the town of Jávea has been to know how to to adapt to the times without leaving aside its Mediterranean tradition. Modernity has not made the essence of this place disappear and that is something that you will be able to see as you walk through the streets of its historic quarter.

It is a unique fusion of local culture with all the services and establishments of a modern city. That is why strolling through its streets is not like entering a time warp in which everything becomes obsolete, but rather you can find small traces of its rich history in buildings and small corners of the city.

In Jávea you will find luxury villas that are located very close to these historic areas, so that you can enjoy the tranquillity of your plot while at the same time you can easily and quickly access the old town.

Traditional architectural elements in modern villas

A characteristic feature of modern luxury villas in Jávea is that they have managed to incorporate elements of traditional architecture, creating spaces that are both luxurious and culturally rich.
It is the perfect combination for living in the 21st century without turning our backs on our history.

Mediterranean-style villas tend to be dominated by the colour white, with lots of natural light coming in, maximising the hours of sunshine that abound in this area. Straight lines without excessive ornamentation tend to stand out.

In general, they are spaces that are minimalist with details that evoke the sea and the Mediterranean essence. Stone façades that blend in with the landscape to cause as little distortion as possible with the landscape. Contact us to find out all about the modern villas available in Jávea.

Luxury villas with views of historic monuments

There are many monuments in Jávea that you can contemplate. Some are better known and others are a little hidden, but all of them endow the town with a unique personality that has been preserved over the centuries.

One of the proofs of Jávea’s evolution are the town walls. As an element of protection, in the 14th century, the walls were built to protect the town centre. Later on, in the 19th century, the fortress was extended, of which vestiges are still preserved due to their good state of conservation.

Along the same line of large constructions, we find the Riurau, a rectangular construction made of stone and masonry where the typical muscatel grape of the area was stored. If you wander around Jávea, you will also find other historical monuments that have lost their original use, such as the old pharmacy Ca Lambert or the Central Cinema.

Investment in properties with historical value

Of course, the Mediterranean coast has many places where one can invest in real estate. However, it is not so easy to find locations that combine the lifelong Mediterranean spirit and the needs of modern life. For this reason, at Grupo Garcia we recommend luxury villas in Jávea as they offer the best of both worlds.

These types of homes are located on large plots of land, which provides the interior with large spaces both in the rooms and in the common areas, as well as a large outdoor area where you can enjoy your meals or take a dip in the swimming pool.

But at the same time, they are also rooted in the history of Jávea and may contain details of the region’s rich history and culture. If this interests you, please contact us and we will inform you about how to invest in properties with historical value on the Costa Blanca.

monumento historico javea

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