Top 10 reasons to retire in Jávea

For those looking for a place to retire with an excellent quality of life, Jávea is the perfect destination. In the spectacular surroundings of the Costa Blanca, good weather is guaranteed and both the vitamin C from the sun and the benefits of the sea water contribute to good health.

In this article we detail ten reasons why you should consider Javea as a place to live in retirement. As you will see, there are different reasons that make this coastal town a perfect place to spend this stage of your life.

1.Ideal climate

It goes without saying that the Mediterranean climate is one of the most suitable for retirement. The last thing you need at this age is to lock yourself indoors and in this sense, Jávea offers many hours of sunshine and pleasant temperatures all year round.

So you can walk along the beach or inland routes to keep active. It has been proven that spending time outdoors brings physical and mental benefits, so living in a place that encourages this has a direct impact on people’s wellbeing.

2. Paradise beaches

One of the main attractions of Jávea are its first-class beaches and coves. You can choose between white sandy areas to relax or nooks and crannies where the land merges with the Mediterranean. Variety is the spice of life!

As we have already mentioned, the sea water has important benefits and that is why it is important to be in contact with it, whether you enjoy long walks or refreshing baths. Furthermore, these areas are in perfect condition and you will find all the infrastructures and services necessary to guarantee your comfort.


playa paradisiaca en javea

3. Natural surroundings

In addition to the typical sea and beach scenery, in Jávea you will find natural areas with the native fauna and flora of the Mediterranean. This is ideal for outdoor activities, such as perfectly signposted hiking trails or cycling while breathing fresh air. There is no better way to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

This combination of coast and inland is one of the great attractions of moving to the Valencian Community, as it allows you to enjoy the environment in a wide variety of spaces, making everyday life more entertaining and less monotonous.

4. Culture and heritage

But anyone who thinks that Jávea only offers a beach and nature is very wrong. Being one of the nerve centres of the Mediterranean coast, it has a historical and cultural heritage of great interest, so you can combine leisure and relaxation activities with visits to important places in the history of the town.

In addition to churches and museums, here you will find the essence of a Mediterranean town, with the tradition of living facing the sea but also with the adaptation to a city used to welcoming visitors and residents from abroad as well as from the rest of Spain.

5. Health services

Obviously, when you reach a certain age, health takes on a fundamental role and that’s why you won’t have to worry about it in Jávea. You will have access to excellent health services, both public and private, so that you can receive personalised attention, whether for regular check-ups or in the event that emergency care is required.

It is essential for retirees to have their health care needs covered and, for this reason, the local and regional institutions make every effort to provide the best possible service in terms of infrastructure and professionals, thus guaranteeing the quality of life of the inhabitants of Jávea.

6. Quality housing

Logically, housing is one of the places where we spend most of our time and it must have everything necessary to guarantee your comfort. In Jávea there is  wide and varied real estate on offer that adapts to all needs and budgets.

In Grupo Garcia we know the characteristics of each area to advise which one is best suited to the lifestyle of each person. Here you will find everything from villas and chalets on large plots of land to smaller flats with all the comforts of home. No doubt you will find your dream home to live in during your retirement.

7. Active and friendly community

Another aspect of retirement living is the social component. In order to maintain your state of mind, it is essential to socialise and participate in activities and events. In this respect, the community of Jávea is particularly welcoming and friendly, so that integration takes place easily.

There are various associations and initiatives that seek to promote leisure among the elderly, so that everyone can find a way to channel their hobbies and concerns in a friendly and safe environment. Thus, the charm of Jávea lies not only in its nature but also in its people.

8. Local gastronomy

The Mediterranean diet is known throughout the world and here you will be able to taste all kinds of dishes, from traditional recipes to more elaborate dishes that incorporate the latest trends in gastronomy. All of this is produced with fresh, quality products that ensure the most genuine flavour.

You can choose between visiting some of the city’s most typical restaurants and establishments or simply buy top-quality produce to cook at home. You decide what you fancy at any given moment, as Jávea offers a multitude of options in this respect.

9. Good transport connections

From time to time you may want to leave Jávea and discover other places, the connections are unbeatable. You can quickly and easily get to large capitals such as Valencia and Alicante or visit towns with their own unique charm such as Dénia, Calpe, Altea, Moraira or Benidorm, among many others.

You can also travel to more distant places from the airports of Valencia, Alicante or Castellón de la Plana, which allow you to extend the range of destinations without the need for long journeys that affect your comfort. Take a short break from time to time to see new places.

10.Relaxed lifestyle

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Jávea is a town with a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere, far from the noise and hustle and bustle of other parts of the Mediterranean coast. It is especially suitable for those who are looking for peace and quiet in their retirement, without giving up the possibility of getting involved in social and cultural activities whenever you want.

It is not always easy to find a place that brings together all these characteristics that are so conducive to guaranteeing a quiet lifestyle with all the comforts. But as we have already mentioned in these 10 points, Jávea is the perfect place to live during your retirement.


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