The experience of living in Jávea in winter

Although we tend to associate winter with cold, the truth is that in Jávea we have the chance to enjoy a mild season, with many sunny days and to be outdoors enjoying breathtaking natural landscapes.

It is common to find foreigners fleeing their home town because of the unseasonably mild temperatures at this time of year. For this reason, the mild climate of Jávea acts as a magnet and encourages you to discover the wide variety of options available in the winter months.

Logically, at Grupo Garcia we recommend spending the coldest time of the year here, as there is a wide range of real estate on offer in which all the properties guarantee comfort inside and are located in surroundings where you can enjoy the sun and the views.


Dream properties: invest in a home in Jávea

We have already spoken on other occasions about the wide range of possibilities that exist in Jávea when it comes to making a property investment.

After decades of receiving visitors of all profiles, different environments have been created so that you can feel at ease regardless of your preferences. From villas on large plots to flats of more modest dimensions but with everything you need for a dream life.

One of the keys to Jávea’s property stock is that it has long proved that making an investment here is a safe bet. The year-round mild climate, sunshine and spectacular beaches ensure that it will continue to be a highly sought-after destination, so we can expect prices to continue to rise.

Choose your ideal home: a villa with sea views, a modern flat with the latest technology or a rustic house with the characteristic charm of the Mediterranean area. In this way, as well as immersing yourself in a unique environment, you will be able to relax in your refuge with all the necessary comforts. Make your day-to-day life more relaxed and pleasant by buying a first class property.


villa de lujo en javea


Lifestyle in Jávea: community and culture

Despite the changes in lifestyle and society in general over the last few decades, Jávea remains faithful to a series of cultural traditions that allow us to remain connected to the original Mediterranean essence. Throughout the year there are numerous festivities that will bring joy to your life and allow you to get to know the roots of this town.

The good weather allows these events to take place in any month, and they are not limited to the summer like in other places. Here the Mediterranean climate favours outdoor activities at any time, so that the agenda has interesting events every month.

Moreover, Jávea welcomes people of all nationalities with open arms, who are integrated into a welcoming community and integrated into the popular activities. This makes taking up residence here much easier on a social level, as you will soon feel embraced by the people of the neighbourhood you choose to live in.


Gastronomy and local entertainment

Mediterranean cuisine needs no introduction, as it is one of the most prestigious due to the excellent quality of the food and preparations that take care of every last detail. Moreover, in Jávea you have the chance to try restaurants of different styles, so you will get to know an endless number of recipes.

Whether you prefer modern cuisine or more traditional dishes, Jávea’s restaurants cover the whole spectrum and you can try different preparations to get the most out of the Mediterranean in the kitchen.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also outdoor activities that allow you to combine food with other leisure alternatives. Events are organised on the beach and in areas close to the sea so that you can merge with nature with all your senses.


Winter activities: sport and nature

As we have already mentioned, the good temperatures make it possible to do outdoor activities even in the coldest months. In other parts of Spain, the cold and the rains prevent the healthy habit of doing sport from being maintained.

However, in Jávea you can continue to give free rein to your physical activity. Located in spectacular surroundings, the Costa Blanca is ideal for outdoor sports such as cycling and golf. Although you will need to dress warmly, of course, the weather will not be an impediment.

In addition, for those who prefer a more leisurely pace, there are numerous hiking trails to explore the area. There is life beyond the beaches and the interior of the Valencian Community is also an excellent attraction for tourists and residents alike.


Connectivity and facilities: living in comfort

The authorities in Jávea have understood the importance of making the town accessible, with a wide range of services available and working to preserve the beaches and coves as well as the points of interest in the old town in perfect condition.

Obviously, this has a direct influence on the quality of life of the inhabitants and increases the satisfaction of those visiting Jávea for the first time. Taking care of all the details is fundamental for this coastal town to remain decade after decade one of the Costa Blanca’s hotspots.

Visit all the beaches and coves with ease. Even those that are more difficult to access are perfectly signposted, and work has been carried out to make the hiking routes and other paths fully accessible. Of course, suitable footwear is recommended, but the efforts to make the coast of Jávea as accessible as possible are there.

villa de lujo para invertir en javea

Investment and development opportunities

Here you can take advantage of the growing property market and the benefits of  investing in this area. To make the most of it, at Grupo Garcia we offer personalised advice so that you know all the details of the available properties. Jávea has become one of the prime targets for those who understand real estate investment, as it tends to offer excellent returns in both the short and long term. To this end, we recommend that you find out about the characteristics of each area and each property, as doing this preliminary work is usually fundamental when it comes to obtaining a good price and a higher future profitability.

Investment opportunities in Jávea have been spreading throughout different areas of the town, so the characteristics of the properties and the areas in which they are located are more varied, thus adjusting to the demands of any buyer.

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