Combining the essence of a coastal town like Jávea with the modernity and exclusivity of a luxury property is a safe bet. By fusing the natural charm of the surroundings and the interior of the home with all the comforts, you will guarantee the best possible quality of life.

The luxury properties we find in Jávea are of the highest standard, both inside and out, and at Grupo Garcia we will assist you to analyse the real estate market in search of the home of your dreams.

Exclusive design and architecture in luxury properties in Jávea

Although each luxury property has its own style and personality, they all conform to a series of characteristics that make them one of the best places in which to take refuge. With the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop and a peaceful setting where you can relax and disconnect from stress, these homes have spacious rooms, large terraces and balconies, large plots for outdoor living and a decoration with every luxury detail.

In this type of house we find an architectural style that tends towards minimalism, seeking to integrate the building into the landscape in the most organic way possible. In addition, these properties tend to transmit a character that, at the same time, identifies with the owners. Therefore, buying a luxury property in Jávea is another way of gaining status in the most exclusive circles of the area. Contact us for more information.

Exclusive services and amenities in luxury properties in Jávea

With the aim of guaranteeing comfort, all kinds of technological advances are introduced in the interior to make your life easier. Each decorative element, each piece of furniture, each piece of furniture has its own meaning, which is why it is essential that the spaces adapt to your tastes and lifestyle.

In these homes, day-to-day improvements are incorporated such as home automation, which in a very simple way eliminates worries from your life. In addition, environmental comfort is achieved by eliminating thermal or acoustic problems, making your home the perfect place to disconnect.

In addition, you can live with a total guarantee of security, as both the environment and the interior are under constant supervision, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises. Make your home the best place to settle on the Mediterranean coast, one of the most sought-after areas in Europe.

Exclusive location and breathtaking views in luxury properties in Jávea

Obviously, beyond the equipment it may have and how you decorate your home, one of the elements that conditions your satisfaction is the environment in which it is located. Here in Jávea, your property will be just a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean Sea and the foothills of the Montgó, with that combination of sea and mountain that offers us everything we need.

You can enjoy typical beach days or take advantage of the numerous hiking trails to find peace and quiet. Mingle with the local nature and little by little you will feel better. There are many people who take up residence in Jávea to enjoy a better quality of life.

At Grupo Garcia we specialise in luxury properties and we will help you in the search process and with all the formalities of the sale and purchase. We have decades of experience and know the area to perfection.

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