The best golf courses close to the luxury villas in Jávea: A paradise for golf lovers

Golf is sometimes referred to as the perfect sport because it has many advantages: it is fun, it is played in the middle of nature, it is a physical activity that any age can do and it has a social component. For all these reasons (and many more), golf has become one of the trendiest sports.

If you like golf and you are looking for a luxury villa in Jávea to combine your passion for this sport with an ideal environment for its practice, in this article you will find a series of indications to make the most of all the possibilities offered by golf on the Costa Blanca.

The fusion of Jávea and golf allows you to play this sport on exclusive courses surrounded by unbeatable scenery. Read this useful guide to find out all the information.

Find out about nearby golf courses

To find out about the characteristics of the course and find out which one best suits your tastes, you can do a preliminary analysis. This way you can check which one suits your skill level, preferences and budget.

Without having to move, you can practice at the Jávea Golf Club, with everything you need to enjoy this sport surrounded by the excellent scenery of the Montgó. If you prefer to take the opportunity to take a round and get to know other places, La Sella Golf Club also offers an excellent experience for players of all levels.

There is no doubt that golf is an ideal sport for keeping physically active during your holidays. So you don’t get out of shape but you don’t have to work out in the gym or look for places to exercise. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate with a calm and relaxed sport.

campos de golf en Javea

Choose the best season to play

One of the advantages of playing golf in Jávea is the weather. With the possibility of playing the course practically 365 days a year, you can choose when you want to play golf. Logically, as it is an outdoor activity, the weather conditions are one of the main criteria for your satisfaction.

Pleasant temperatures throughout the year and low rainfall mean that you can choose the best dates to play golf. If you want to enjoy plenty of sunshine and warm weather, summer and spring are the best times. On the other hand, if you prefer less heat, golf can be played in autumn or winter with suitable clothing for comfort and an ideal body temperature.

Check the average temperatures over the last few years and choose the time of year that suits you best to go out and play.

Book your luxury villa in advance

Once you have decided which courses you would like to visit, Grupo Garcia strongly recommends booking accommodation because Jávea is one of the most attractive destinations on the Costa Blanca and year after year numerous tourists arrive from all over the world to fill the hotels, flats and villas in the area.

If you are thinking of travelling in summer, it is advisable to book in advance the luxury villa in which you want to stay. You can consult us about the properties available and we will advise you on the most suitable ones according to your preferences. From classic villas set on large plots of land to smaller properties with all the latest comforts and amenities.

No matter what you are looking for in a luxury villa, we will find it for you to have the perfect stay in Jávea.

Plan your round of golf

One of the exciting aspects of golf, as with any other sport, is not just the actual playing, but what happens before and after a round of golf. You can entertain yourself by looking for information about the golf courses in and around Jávea, analysing their characteristics and assessing which one best suits your preferences.

Similarly, you can make a plan with related activities. If you visit a specific golf course, you can go on an excursion around it, eat in an exclusive restaurant or visit a place with excellent views. Make the most of the excuse of travelling to play golf to get to know the surrounding environment.

In addition, nowadays golf courses offer services in the clubhouse to make your stay there more comfortable so that you can spend several hours entertaining yourself in comfort. You can also plan a meeting, an event or a meal with the golf course as a backdrop and give the meeting an exclusive atmosphere.

Prepare your golf equipment properly

Golf equipment is essential for golf, although some people think that it requires a large investment. In reality, if you do your research and buy top-notch products, they are very durable and it may be many years before you have to buy new clubs.

The same goes for clothing. Obviously, there is a big business around the sport and it is up to you to decide how much money you want to invest. Some fashionistas prefer to opt for the latest styles, either for aesthetics or comfort, while others want to try the latest accessories that can raise your game.

The important thing is that the golfer is satisfied with what he has and is happy every time he goes to play. At the end of the day, very few people make it to the pros and it’s the experience you get out on the course that really counts. Whether alone or with family and friends, playing golf in Jávea allows you to enjoy a healthy and pleasurable sporting activity in a unique environment.

campo de golf en javea

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