The Best Education In Jávea

All families have their own preferences when it comes to choosing where to establish their first residence. However, over the years we have seen that, for those who have children of school age, educational centres play a fundamental role.

In this sense, Jávea has a wide educational offer with public and private centres that cover all needs and teaching styles. From more conventional programmes to innovative methodologies, each institution is highly recommended for the preparation of their teachers.

Here we offer a list of the most outstanding schools and a short description for you to consider when buying a property in Jávea.

Education is compulsory in Spain

Obviously, this matter is of great importance as people between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend compulsory Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO). With this information we aim to make it easier for you to choose the centre that best suits your children’s schooling preferences. Read more about education in Spain.

It is not optional, but by law they must attend during the established school hours and comply with the curricular content. With this in mind, those moving to Jávea should take into consideration the wide range of possibilities that the town offers in terms of education.

Although some schools also offer Bachillerato studies, this last stage is optional. However, from our experience we know that choosing the best school in Jávea is fundamental to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and to maintain a good quality of life.

These are the schools that we recommend in order to ensure the best education for your children in Jávea.

Compulsory Education Spain

In which schools or educational centres in Jávea to enrol any child?

Despite not being a large town like Alicante or Valencia, Jávea has the capacity to absorb a large number of students, distributed mainly between 5 large centres which we will detail below.

With different characteristics, Jávea manages to offer a complete and varied education that allows it to maintain the highest quality standards in Spain and Europe.

The days of having to travel to a big city to receive the best possible education are long gone and proof of this is the excellent educational offer that exists in this medium sized town on the Mediterranean coast.

Xabia International College

Bilingualism is the order of the day and being able to learn in English from an early age is fundamental for the linguistic development of the pupils. Xabia International College is probably the most suitable for this, as it brings together more than 20 nationalities in a cosmopolitan environment.

It is an innovative centre which seeks to transmit its curricular content in an original and fun way, thus motivating the pupils and achieving better results. It also has a clear sense of independence and responsibility for each individual, so that excellence is achieved through intrinsic motivation.

Port De Xàbia School

As its name suggests, this school has an unbeatable location. Situated just 5 minutes walk from the port of Jávea, it is not only noted not only for its views but also for its first class educational programme. It was founded in 1978, making it a classic of Jávea’s education system.

However, they have also made a clear commitment to innovation and modernisation of teaching. One of its hallmarks is normalisation and non-discrimination based on sex or race, thus promoting an intercultural education that allows students to acquire the social skills necessary for their future.

Education in Jávea

María Inmaculada School

Suitable for families who are committed to an education with Christian values, promoting the customs and traditions of our environment. Solidarity, coexistence and peace are non-negotiable in the pupils’ education process.

Special emphasis is placed on the development of training processes and the measurement of results to ensure that the pupil is making progress in all areas. There is also accompaniment for families, as we seek to build a more fraternal world from all areas with the use of both modern and traditional pedagogical tools.

Trenc D’alba School

Another classic of education in Jávea, built in the 80s. With a clear commitment to cultural development through activities such as radio or theatre, they have innovated with a new model of playground in which students are invited to play and enjoy themselves with original elements such as huts, climbing walls, blackboards or plants, thus creating bonds between the community.

In this way, the learning area goes beyond the classrooms and the pupils’ all-round development is achieved throughout the day. Likewise, the classrooms are equipped with Internet connection, digital whiteboards and air conditioning to guarantee the best possible conditions.

Vicente Tena School

Currently called CEIP Mediterrània de Xàbia, the Vicente Tena School was the first to be built in Jávea. It dates back to 1962 and for this reason it is one of the great references of education in Jávea. They have been able to adapt to new technologies and the classrooms have monitors and digital whiteboards; in addition, from 4th to 6th grade of Primary they use tablets individually.

The centre has outdoor spaces for the amusement and recreation of the Infant and Primary pupils. There is also a canteen and transport service to make life easier for families. CEIP Mediterrània is committed to multilingualism, educational innovation and environmental projects.

Schools in Jávea

Choose Jávea to live if you want the best education for the little ones in the house

Although it is not one of the most publicised aspects of Jávea, those looking to buy a property in Jávea know that the education of their children is fundamental in choosing this destination.

In addition to the surroundings and the beaches, Jávea has an excellent educational offer with very varied profiles, so that any family will find the ideal centre for the desired teaching method,

If you would like more information, please contact us and we will help you choose the ideal area and school so that your children’s education is a safe bet.

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