Regardless of your knowledge of the real estate market, luxury properties in Jávea are a very attractive asset if you are thinking of investing. Moreover, Jávea is the perfect location to find a property of this type.

Although these properties are sometimes associated only with high prices, we must not forget that they are also synonymous with large spaces and  very comfortable interiors to spend either just the weekends or long periods of time. The Mediterranean coast is known worldwide and that is one of the reasons these investments do not lose their value.

Buying luxury villas in Jávea as an investment

Among the different aspects to take into account when considering the purchase of a luxury villa is the environment in which it is located. It is well known that Jávea is one of the reference points of the Mediterranean coast. The combination of beaches and coves with the green nature offered by the Montgó and its surroundings is unbeatable.

This double attraction allows you to spend a day on the beach, either sunbathing, relaxing or practising water sports or explore further inland and the hiking trails. What’s more, you are close to major cities such as Valencia and Alicante which are around an hour’s drive away.

These luxury villas in Jávea are characterised by large indoor spaces and an extension of indoor life to the garden, the pool or terraces. The evenings become doubly pleasant  thanks to the excellent climate of the area. It will undoubtedly become the perfect retreat from stress and worries.

Comprar villas de lujo en Jávea como inversión


Luxury flats in Jávea for investors who like the centre of town

For those who do not need so much tranquillity but prefer to be close to the beach and all amenities, there are also luxury flats available. These can be used as a home or for renting out to tourists.

The location is excellent, as everything is very close at hand in the centre of Jávea. The Arenal area is in high demand, so offering a luxury flat with the best finishes and guaranteed comfort is an excellent attraction for those national or international tourists who want to visit Jávea.

In this way, access to the beaches and shops is quick and easy, so you will not be short of anything. It is the best option for those who are not looking for large spaces but the comfort of a more secluded and cosy home. This type of luxury flats work very well for investors who want to get their money’s worth easily.

Luxury real estate in Jávea with Grupo Garcia

Of course, looking for luxury properties with total security and without wasting time is easier when you get the advice of Grupo Garcia. We specialise in this type of property, especially in and around the Jávea area. We can help you find what you want quickly and we take care of the paperwork.

Contact us to find out how we work and you will be able to access properties that do not appear on the typical buying and selling websites. We have been working with luxury properties for decades and we know how to identify the best luxury properties in Javea for investment.

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