Sustainability in Jávea: Eco-friendly villas and green practices

As well as being an excellent destination for a holiday or staycation, Jávea has shown in recent years that it is very committed to sustainability initiatives.

The authorities are aware of the paradigm shift and all local policies and environmental commitments that are necessary to reduce the impact on the planet.

Only in this way can we help ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy this true paradise. In order to maintain the sustainability of the area, the City Council applied for more than 5 million euros in grants from the European Next Generation EU funds in 2023. In this way, it aims to protect the coastline and reduce the use of vehicles and the consequent pollution they generate. It is also proposed to carry out other actions to promote sustainable mobility and raise awareness.


Eco-villages: harmony with nature

After several decades in which Spain has built voraciously and aggressively, with economic profitability as the main factor to be taken into account, it is time to reflect and learn from our mistakes and opt for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly model.

This is achieved from the design phase, the use of ecological materials and the implementation of technologies to maximise energy efficiency. Although this may involve a higher initial investment, in the long run it translates into an advantage in terms of reducing the use of natural resources.

Jávea is known for its characteristic Mediterranean-style villas, which are set organically into the landscape. Set on large plots of land to encourage outdoor living, they have ample room for improvement when it comes to optimising energy use or pool maintenance. Efforts must continue to make this part of the Costa Blanca the oasis where ecology and sustainability are non-negotiable.


Green practices in the home

When talking about implementing sustainable practices in the home, one should not have in mind restrictions or a worsening of the quality of life, on the contrary. It’s a matter of acquiring healthy habits that use natural resources efficiently and have a direct impact on utility costs, so it’s good for the environment as well as your wallet.

Some tips have been with us for some time now. Make the most of natural light, use energy-saving light bulbs or turn off screens that are not going to be used for hours at a time. Likewise, we must make a conscious and responsible use of water, whose scarcity is starting to become a problem and everything seems to indicate that it will worsen in the coming years.

In addition, home automation systems are becoming more and more common in Jávea, taking advantage of technological advances to make your life easier but also more efficient. Whether in new construction or to update an old flat or house, these improvements allow you to increase the energy efficiency of your home. The combination of home automation with healthy habits is perfect to guarantee the conservation of the environment.


Renewable energies and their use in Jávea

Little by little we have all internalised that caring for the environment cannot be a passing fad, but must be integrated into our habits. We have to be aware of our responsibility towards the preservation of the planet, even if that means making some changes when it comes to using the different energy sources that exist.

For example, it is no secret that times have changed when landscapes have  incorporated those giant windmills that produce wind energy. An initial  investment is made in order to achieve medium and long-term returns, because we cannot ignore our future and the environment around us.

At the same time, more and more solar panels are being installed to make the most of one of our country’s greatest assets. Daylight hours are converted into free, clean energy for your home, so it is only logical that more and more of these devices are being installed on roofs and balconies.


Sustainable transport and mobility

One of the aspects of daily life with the greatest room for improvement in terms of ecology is transport. It is imperative that this issue is taken as seriously as it needs to be because the emission of harmful gases is already a major problem for the planet.

On the other hand, we are finding more and more electric vehicles and environmentally friendly public transport systems, so there is no doubt that alternative options are being considered, but it is logical that everything takes time. In Jávea we have the possibility of using the bicycle as an alternative means of transport to the car, as it should not be necessary for short distances.

In order for this type of mobility to be safe and agile, the authorities provide spaces such as cycle lanes or hiking routes that allow you to move around or visit the area in an alternative way. Moreover, this more active lifestyle has a positive impact on health.


Preserving the natural environment

A strategic plan from 2023 to 2026 has just been developed to promote tourism in Jávea in a sustainable and continuous way. The aim is to work together to ensure that the natural environment is impacted as little as possible and to maximise the life of the local flora and fauna.

Towns that receive large numbers of tourists, as is the case in Jávea, can suffer serious consequences. It is a double-edged sword, as on the one hand income increases and there is the capacity to make improvements, but at the same time the natural spaces are degraded if conservation work is not carried out on the beaches and their marine biodiversity. Jávea’s Tourism Department has made a clear commitment to the sustainable exploitation of the area’s heritage and tourism resources, with the intention of continuing to be one of the Costa Blanca’s highest quality and most sustainable areas.


Community initiatives and environmental education

In addition to the initiatives promoted by the local authorities, it is essential that schools implement education from an early age on the preservation of our environment. The new generations must be aware of the importance of the environment in order to continue enjoying this true paradise.

In general, society is aware that an active effort is needed to alleviate the degradation that our environment suffers day after day. Just as human beings have been increasing their carbon footprint over the last few decades, it is now time to turn the tables and make this world a better place.

In Jávea, awareness-raising activities are organised, but also practical ones, such as waste collection on the beaches. The images of hundreds of plastics on the sand cannot be repeated and this is where community initiatives show their importance.


Sustainable gardening and landscaping

Water scarcity is becoming a pressing problem and it is time to take serious action to avoid severe restrictions. For this reason, giving a new twist to gardening and landscaping is essential in an area such as the Valencian Community, where rainfall is not exactly abundant.

Both as individuals and as a community, we must be aware of our social responsibility when it comes to living in harmony with nature. There are ecological products and services that advocate less and more efficient use of natural resources.

It is essential to minimise the generation of waste, reducing it to what is strictly necessary, and to carry out reuse and recycling practices in all areas. Whilst in addition, being aware that the use of native plants or efficient irrigation systems can have a beneficial impact on the preservation of our natural environment.

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