Route of the viewpoints of Jávea

Jávea is recognized as one of the spots on the Costa Blanca with the best panoramic views of the Mediterranean. It inspires an atmosphere of peace and serenity, and what better place than the viewpoints to have a wide view of the landscapes both inland and along the coast. It is important to know how to make the most of our surroundings and, from time to time, to go out of the ordinary to take an original look.

Sometimes people think that Jávea is all about sun and beach, but the truth is that it goes much further than that. Don’t just lie on the sand. All along the Mediterranean coast there are viewpoints that offer unforgettable perspectives. There are 15 viewpoints in Jávea:

  1. Cap de Sant Antoni viewpoint.
  2. Els Molins de la Plana
  3. Punta del Arenal viewpoint
  4. Séquia de la Nòria
  5. Cala Blanca viewpoint
  6. Caletes viewpoint
  7. Creu del Portitxol
  8. Viewpoint of L’Illa
  9. Viewpoint of La Falzia
  10. Viewpoint of Cap Negre
  11. El Cap de la Nau
  12. Les Pesqueres
  13. Ambolo
  14. Granadella Castle
  15. Granadella Forest Park

In this article we will share the essential places you must visit. From Grupo Garcia we want to spread everything we have learned during decades of work in the area and we know that our recommendations will not disappoint you.

Highlights of the route

Among the places that you must visit, we find the Cabo de San Antonio. Here you can see the posidonia oceanica, an underwater plant that plays an important role in the marine reserve in the area. Numerous animal species are found here and it is the perfect place for snorkelling if you like to investigate underwater life.

Without a doubt, another landmark is the Mirador de la Cruz de Portitxol viewpoint. We find it just off the island of the same name, with a rustic cove that can be reached on foot. Here we escape from the typical landscape of fine sandy beaches, as it is a typical cove of gravel and rock, in a more abrupt fusion of sea and land.

Walking along the Mediterranean coastline you can find gems like this one. Some of them are included in the most well-known routes, but from time to time it is also interesting to go off the beaten track to get to understand the magnitude of the landscape that we have in the Valencian Community.

ruta de los miradores de javea

Unique photographic experiences

Naturally, the viewpoints are places specially designed to provide an ideal panoramic view of the surroundings, and for this reason they are recommended for lovers of photography. From here you will be able to capture the essence of the area with spectacular images.

If you want to immortalize paradisiacal landscapes, these viewpoints offer the possibility of having a wide perspective of Jávea and its surroundings, so that you can take photographs of sunrises or sunsets, of the local fauna and flora or portraits of people in an unbeatable setting.

The location of these viewpoints favours the connection with nature, in the same way that the sea and the land merge, generating such marvellous coastal landscapes. Your passion for photography will lead you to discover nooks and crannies where you are sure to find real treasures. Although Jávea is a well-known destination, there are still places that maintain their privacy and uniqueness for only the most daring to discover.

Outdoor adventures

The Mediterranean climate is one of the great attractions of Jávea, as the good weather is the best ally of outdoor activities. Fans of adventure sports are in luck because here there is a wide range of leisure activities for those who want to breathe fresh air instead of spending all day at home or in the office.

Among the most recommended options are the well signposted hiking routes for you to explore the interior of the Valencian Community, either on foot or by bicycle. This is a way of getting active without needing to be in great physical shape, and you can adjust your pace as you go to ensure your comfort.

You’ll also find places to rest and eat, so you can recover your strength and enjoy yourself to the full at all times. In short, when you go to a place like Jávea you expect a series of things, but when you discover the potential of the inland areas, we can assure you that it is a pleasant surprise and that you will enjoy it as much or more than the typical days of sun and beach.

Tips for visitors

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Jávea is that it is a holiday destination for everyone. From young couples to retired people, families with small children…. There is an infinite number of plans available here, and proof of this is this Route of Viewpoints, which allows you to explore it at your own pace. You can visit them one by one on different days or plan more demanding routes.

Logically, the outings must be adapted to each person’s preferences and state of fitness. As you would expect, these sites have been gaining in visibility in recent years and in high season they can be more crowded, although it is rare for them to be overcrowded. If you want total peace and quiet, we recommend visiting them outside of summer or, if that’s not possible, early in the morning. Don’t let the crowds spoil a plan that inspires peace and tranquility.

Of course, if you’re going for long walks, we recommend you bring suitable footwear and some food and drink. It is a good plan to spend the day or half a day, to which you can add the icing on the cake at any time by taking a dip in one of the beaches or coves that can be seen from the viewpoints.

Impact on local tourism

Within the wide range of possibilities offered by a destination like Jávea, the Ruta de los Miradores has gained prominence because more and more people are looking to connect with nature in a quiet environment and away from the large crowds of the busiest beaches.

In addition to the typical plans of sunbathing and water sports, the possibility of walking along the Mediterranean coastline in less crowded places and marvelling at the panoramic views offered by these viewpoints is fundamental for tourism in Jávea. The connection between the natural environment and the economic prosperity of the region is fundamental to maintain its position as one of the most sought-after destinations in the area.

The Ruta de los Miradores is one of these lesser known but equally interesting tourist attractions. If you want to see the best views of Jávea and the surrounding municipalities, as well as enjoy the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea, we strongly recommend that you dedicate at least one day to discover these places.

Perservation and sustainability

In recent years I have seen a boom in the care for natural spaces and sustainable tourism. If we want places like Jávea to continue to have that natural charm, we must all do our part to avoid having a major ecological and environmental impact.

Clearly, a town that welcomes as many visitors and residents as Jávea does is going to have to make an effort on the part of the authorities to ensure the preservation of its beaches, cultural vestiges and infrastructures. This is all part of the important position that the Costa Blanca has played on the Mediterranean coast. Maintaining good customs in key points such as the viewpoints is essential to continue to have these small treasures and for future generations to enjoy them too.

Local authorities and the regional government are making a clear effort to promote initiatives that protect the environment, as well as to adapt or create new green areas. The cleanliness of Jávea’s beaches is worthy of mention, because in order to continue to be a reference destination, the preservation of the environment and sustainable tourism are essential, or else it will happen as with other parts of the Mediterranean coastline, which have been degraded over time.

Planing your visit

In any excursion, whether during the holiday period or in everyday life, preparation is essential to avoid unforeseen events. Knowing the possible dangers or the characteristics of the place where we are going to go helps us to have everything more and better controlled. Furthermore, preparing your visit to Jávea can be a way of getting a taste of how much fun you are going to have.

Consulting the maps of the area will be essential to control possible sources of stress, such as places to park your car or the services available. The competent authorities have done a great deal of work to ensure that the infrastructures have everything necessary to guarantee a satisfactory visit at all levels.

Grupo Garcia has been working in this area for decades and that is why we know how to make the most of a stay in Jávea. The Ruta de los Miradores is an excellent option for those who want to get to know a different perspective of the Costa Blanca, getting right into nature and breathing fresh air. If you would like information about accommodation in Jávea, please contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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