Outdoor activities in Jávea

Thanks to its ideal location on the Mediterranean coast and a climate that favours outdoor activities, Jávea offers numerous leisure alternatives in the heart of nature. It is a destination used to receiving visitors of all ages and preferences, so it is perfectly adapted to entertain in different scenarios.

Logically, its proximity to the sea makes it one of the favourite destinations for all kinds of water sports, such as paddle surfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, jet skiing, etc. The weather conditions in the area allow you to enjoy these activities safely and there are also specialised companies that organise the whole experience so that all you have to worry about is having a great time.

But Jávea is not just about the sea, you can also explore the inland landscapes on foot or by bicycle. The local nature is rich and varied, so you can immerse yourself in the Valencian Community from a different perspective to what is usually imagined of this area, although equally interesting.

Hiking and cycling routes: Exploring nature

More and more people are choosing to explore the surroundings of Jávea by bike or on foot. You will find numerous routes perfectly signposted to practice a low-impact physical activity that brings great health benefits.

For those who want to discover an area as rich in fauna and flora as the Valencian Community, hiking and cycling allow you to do it in a calm and relaxed way, as it does not require a great physical condition and adapts to the characteristics of each person, as you can go at your own pace.

The landscapes of Jávea are a real melting pot of colours, and contrast inland and coastal landscapes so that you can plan different and original routes each time. It’s a great way to disconnect from stress and practice an active and healthy lifestyle that will keep you at 100%.

Improve your cardiovascular health regardless of your age while discovering the lesser-known corners of this region. We can assure you that you will feel a boost of energy for your day to day life.

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Water sports: Fun and adventure in the sea

Explore the Mediterranean coastline from a kayak or paddle surf without the need for great physical preparation. Dive into the depths of the sea to discover a multitude of species. Snorkelling enthusiasts will find in Jávea an ideal place to discover the life that exists below the surface.

It is also a fun way to combat the heat in the summer months, although we have already mentioned on other occasions that the Mediterranean climate does not reach extreme temperatures on the Costa Blanca. However, instead of spending the day on the beach passively, you can take advantage of it to get active and improve your health.

In Jávea you will find a wide range of possibilities, from more demanding sports to activities for all ages. As it is a destination that receives tourists all year round, there are specialised companies that plan personalised experiences so that you can get the most out of this type of sport.

This form of physical exercise allows you to reduce the impact on your joints caused by other “land-based” activities. If you need to improve your state of health, some of these sports are especially suitable for those who want to recover 100% from injuries.

Golf y tenis: Instalaciones de clase mundial

Along the same lines, golf and tennis are two sports that allow everyone to set their own pace and to develop it with the intensity they see fit. In this way, you can increase the demand as you see that your body allows you to do so, especially if you have been inactive for some time and want to take advantage of your stay in Jávea to get your batteries going again.

The Mediterranean climate is one of the great allies of these sports, as it is perfectly compatible with the hours outdoors and pleasant temperatures. In Jávea and the surrounding area there are numerous first class facilities so that you can play golf and tennis in perfect conditions, regardless of your level and the goals you set yourself.

Golf is one of the trendiest sports for those who want to disconnect from everyday worries, but in an active and healthy way. Places like the Jávea Golf Club or the La Sella Golf Club are perfect to surround yourself with simply spectacular nature. You can play a few holes and enjoy the surroundings whatever happens with the final result.

The same is true of the Jávea Tennis Club or the academy of David Ferrer, a professional tennis player who is one of the best known people in his town for his career and charisma.

Climbing and adventures in the mountains

Although images of long beaches and calm seas often come to mind when we talk about Jávea, here you can also go on an adventure in the nearby mountainous areas. Climbing is an increasingly accessible sport, where safety measures have been improved and modernised so that people of all ages can practise it without any problems.

The aforementioned hiking routes can take a turn into off-piste terrain where you can add a little adrenaline to your stay in Jávea. For example, the Ambolo cove has a rocky part where climbing routes have been recovered to the delight of lovers of this discipline.

Of course, this requires specialised work by organisations such as the Xàbia Hiking Centre, which has been improving the safety measures of the anchorages and organising activities so that enthusiasts of all ages can explore the rocky areas of the Mediterranean coast. Soon it will also be possible to climb in places of greater difficulty, such as Cabo de la Nao, although the rehabilitation work must be carried out with caution and respect for nature.

Yoga and wellness in the open air

Retreats in quiet areas surrounded by nature are becoming fashionable. In this respect, Jávea is a privileged place because it brings together the best of the coast and the interior, making it the perfect destination for a few days of disconnection. The environment here is ideal for these activities.

One activity that fits in perfectly with this philosophy of relaxation and slow life is yoga. Suitable for people of any age and physical condition, it allows you to connect with your inner self and give your life a bit of calm, which contrasts with the fast pace of life that prevails in today’s society.

Moreover, although at first it is not a very demanding activity, as you progress in its practice you discover new challenges, which is why it tends to become a companion for years. Just as in sport you run or jump more after months of training, here your flexibility improves and you break physical and mental barriers that will feel like real victories.

Practical tips for enjoying outdoor activities

The privileged natural environment in which Jávea is located has been one of the focal points of this article, and therefore the importance of preserving it must be emphasised. The local authorities allocate financial and human resources to ensure that tourism is sustainable and that the influx of people does not end up being a double-edged sword for the region.

Equally, visitors must be aware of their role and the importance of humans in keeping the landscapes as spectacular as they are today. If we want future generations to be able to enjoy Jávea, it is essential not to generate excessive waste, to dispose of waste in the appropriate places and not to interfere with the life of animals and plants.

While all of this is common sense, it must be emphasised from time to time so that the Costa Blanca remains the natural paradise that so many people want to visit year after year. In case you have any doubts about what you can and cannot do in each of the places you visit, you can consult us and guarantee the preservation of the area.

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