Jávea’s growth: How has the town evolved over the last decade?

Jávea’s evolution over the last few years has been clear and notorious, demonstrating that it can modernise and adapt to the times. It has always been a highly valued destination, both for those who come for the summer holidays and for those who prefer to stay and live, as it is located in a privileged environment and has never turned its back on its Mediterranean essence.

Those original features of a seaside town have been maintained, incorporating everything necessary for everyday life. The Jávea authorities have made a clear commitment to ensuring sustainable tourism, as well as environmental preservation efforts. For example, the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan has 46 short and medium term measures to boost the town’s resources.

In this way, changes in urban development will be integrated and the city will adapt to changing lifestyles in recent years.

Urban and architectural development

Recently there has been a clear exodus from large cities to smaller towns. The proliferation of teleworking allows greater flexibility in the choice of where to live, and this has allowed much of the available housing stock to be taken up. This has also been updated, with homes incorporating the latest technological advances.

With the aim of guaranteeing day-to-day comfort, there is a wide range of flats, villas and houses in Javea to suit all tastes and budgets. These homes are set in Mediterranean landscapes and there has been a clear intention not to break with the aesthetics of the place, as has been the case in other parts of the coast.

Likewise, the oldest buildings in Jávea have undergone improvements, both aesthetically and structurally, to maintain the historical vestiges of the area.

crecimiento de javea

Demographic and community changes

As might be expected, being such a prominent tourist destination has resulted in Jávea becoming an immigrant receiving town. These tend to be mainly foreigners, generally of an older age and with a good level of purchasing power. There are numerous investment opportunities here with an excellent return, so it is not surprising to see an increase in the population over the last few years.

It is obvious that this type of immigration has a positive impact not only on the economy, but also on the cultural richness, as some of the most well known customs in other countries are incorporated, making Jávea a cosmopolitan and very rich place at the same time.

In addition, the large urban centres continue to accumulate a large number of jobs, but that does not mean that people have to live there. Mobility is more agile than ever and having the option of moving to a place with the advantages that Jávea has is a luxury. Check out the types of housing available here if you want to know more about living here.

Evolution of the local economy

Logically, this series of changes has had a direct impact on Jávea’s economy. While it has traditionally been a fairly simple place to do business, changes in lifestyle and several decades of welcoming large numbers of tourists have meant an increase in the flow of commercial activities.

Being considered as one of the top tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca has had a positive influence on Jávea’s economy. From the increase in sales in local shops to the creation of new companies, which see this coastal town as the ideal place to set up a business.

Society’s customs have been changing and small towns like Jávea have been able to adapt in order to offer all the necessary services and facilities to their inhabitants and traders alike.

Development of infrastructures and services

Ever since the walls were demolished and the town was enlarged, Jávea has had an open-minded mentality when it comes to welcoming tourists and new inhabitants, so the infrastructures and services have had to evolve to adapt to the new needs.

The emphasis has always been on quality of life, not only because of the excellent climate and excellent “raw material”, such as the beaches and coves or the inland landscapes. Having everything you need for day-to-day life is fundamental, especially in a society that wants everything immediately.

This development has been reflected in the number and variety of shops, public buildings, parks designed for all ages and a public transport system that guarantees the mobility of inhabitants and visitors.

Impact on tourism and local culture

There is no denying that tourism has a direct impact on coastal towns, and that it can be a double-edged sword. In addition to the economic benefits it brings to the various businesses in the area, it can have a negative impact if not managed correctly.

In this respect, the Jávea authorities have been able to place value on the sustainability of tourism and also look to the medium and long term. This is the only way to guarantee the preservation of the historical and cultural identity, while avoiding overexploitation of resources and overcrowding of the most outstanding places.

In Jávea, all the cultures present interact in a very healthy way, giving rise to a wide range of possibilities in both personal relationships and leisure activities. Integrating here is very easy, wherever you come from, because it has always been a town that welcomes outsiders with open arms.

Future opportunitites and challenges

Staying among the best destinations on the Mediterranean coast is one of the great challenges for Jávea. It is no easy task, especially when it is becoming easier and easier to fly to other parts of the coast. Fortunately, the local and regional authorities have been able to interpret the change of paradigm in tourism and have had the “waist” to adapt to the times.

Jávea has a sufficiently varied offer to be able to continue offering different plans to suit all preferences. We will see how sustainable and environmentally responsible tourism will continue to be promoted in order to avoid over-exploitation.

In addition, optimising the use of low or non-polluting supplies and means of transport is essential to minimise the impact of the city’s operation. We have more and more information on this subject and the authorities are making efforts to do as little damage as possible to the environment.

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