Although there are numerous options in the current real estate market, villas and town houses continue to have a lot of charm and demand. If we add to that the best qualities and reforms to guarantee comfort, we find high standing properties in different areas of Jávea. For example, luxury villas in Jávea to buy.

Falling in love with a villa or townhouse is very easy, as they sometimes preserve the original essence of a fishing village on the Mediterranean coast. Naturally, these homes have been modernised to ensure quality of life, but without betraying their origins.

Jávea is one of those towns that has managed to merge the traditional with the modern, so that its inhabitants or any visitor can have the best of both worlds.

Close to basic services

One of the disadvantages of living in a village is the lack of access to basic day-to-day services. However, this is not a problem in Jávea, as you will have everything covered.

For those who need to go to a health centre, there are three: the one in the town, the one in the port and the auxiliary clinic in Arenal. In addition, as a complement, there are several pharmacies distributed throughout the different areas of Jávea to buy medicines and other health-related products, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Likewise, mobility is guaranteed both within the town itself, with a bus that leaves from the station and travels around the key points, as well as connecting with other nearby towns such as Alicante, Dénia, Valencia or even Madrid.

Close to all services

In addition to these basic services that every locality must have, there are others to provide a good standard of living for its inhabitants. Families who settle here have access to educational centres such as schools and institutes. In this way, compulsory education is covered in environments that are closely connected to the history of Jávea.

In this sense, the history and culture of the town are also remembered. Here we find the Ca Lambert Art Centre, the Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum and other buildings such as the public libraries and the Casa de la Cultura.

But the history and culture of Jávea can also be discovered in the open air, by taking the classic tourist train, which runs through the three centres: the historic quarter, the Arenal beach and the port area. In just half an hour you can see the most interesting places in the town, and the return journey is included in the ticket so that you can return to the starting point.

Close to the beach

It is clear that one of the main attractions of Jávea are its beaches and coves. The variety of styles means that every day you can opt for a different plan. In this way, you will have a house in the heart of the town with the convenience of being able to walk there to enjoy a day of sun and beach.

Although it may seem an unimportant detail, it has been proven that living near a sea like the Mediterranean has clear benefits for people’s health and wellbeing. From the vitamin D from sunbathing, to the effect of the water on the human body as a natural medicine, to the feeling of tranquillity as you fall asleep to the soothing sound of the waves.

Having the Arenal Beach so close is a plus for those people who are considering buying a townhouse in Jávea. To be able to go from a high standing property to the first class landscape that the Costa Blanca has to offer is a luxury that cannot be paid for with money.


Close to the mountains

On the other hand, although we always associate this area of Spain with the beach, there are also other priceless landscapes. Looking inland, we find another great biodiversity that can be explored through the different hiking routes.

This is one of Jávea’s secrets, allowing the blue of the sea to merge with the green of the interior in just a few kilometres distance. The Montgó is an immense massif, also known as “El Elefante”, which is home to a great diversity of fauna and flora that is well worth exploring.

In addition, the good weather, characteristic of the Mediterranean climate, allows you to make trips at any time of the year. You can inspect the nooks and crannies of La Cova Tallada or Cabo de San Antonio. Discover this lesser-known side of Jávea with the peace of mind that you can relax in your comfortable home in the town afterwards.

Trust in Grupo García, professionals of luxury properties in Jávea

With the aim of making your search for a luxury home in Jávea easier and faster, we offer you our decades of experience and personalised advice.

We help all kinds of families to find the home of their dreams in an incomparable setting such as the Costa Blanca and, specifically, Jávea. We have a perfect control of the property market in the region and know how to identify the best investment opportunities based on your preferences.

Jávea is the ideal place to establish your residence or to take refuge from the big city on holidays and special dates. From Grupo Garcia we encourage you to inform you without obligation because we know the potential of the Mediterranean coast. Our clients are totally satisfied when they buy a property of high standing.

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