Gastronomic Tourism In Jávea. What To Eat In Jávea?

One of the main attractions of buying property in Jávea to live or to visit for tourism is the Mediterranean gastronomy. In this town you will find a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the typical food of the area with top quality cuisine.

The Mediterranean diet is known all over the world because it has the perfect balance between healthy food and all the flavour you would expect from a good meal. That’s why eating in Jávea is a pleasure while taking care of your health at the same time. Below you will find some suggestions to make the most of the regional gastronomy.

Arroces Javea


If there is one food that is representative of the Valencian Community, it is rice. Valencian paella is famous all over the world and in Jávea you will find places where it is prepared to perfection. It is also a very versatile dish, so the food combinations are endless and you will never get tired of eating it.

And in this case, it is not only important that the quality of the rice and its preparation is excellent, but also that the views are also good. Throughout Jávea you can discover places with exquisite rice dishes while you gaze at the sea. It may sound like a lie, but it tastes even better!

Discover the pleasure of eating top-quality Valencian rice dishes in the incomparable setting of the Mediterranean coast. An experience to enjoy with all five senses.


But the traditional cuisine of the area is not only about rice. In Jávea and the surrounding area it is very common to sit down to a good stew, as this preparation allows you to incorporate any kind of food and thus give each dish its own unique personality.

Generally, fish stews are the most common, in keeping with the tradition of the fishermen who accompanied what they had collected with a variety of ingredients that made each meal a unique experience. The typical foods of the Mediterranean diet fit perfectly with the fresh fish of the Costa Blanca.

Examples such as the classic fish soup, potato stew with squid or tuna marmitako are clear proof that this type of preparation plays a fundamental role in the Mediterranean diet.



As we have already mentioned, one of the keys to Jávea’s cuisine is the possibility of combining different foods for unique preparations. This is the case of esgarrat, a typical local dish based on peppers, aubergine and onion cooked in the oven with cod that is torn (hence the name).

With these four ingredients as a reference, we return to the possibility of mixing it with other foods to give it a subtle touch: you can introduce nuts, other vegetables, seasonings to enhance the flavour… As with most recipes, there are numerous variations on the “original” recipe.

You will find this dish as a tapa in bars and restaurants in Jávea because it goes perfectly with bread, which you will not hesitate to dip in the resulting magnificent sauce.

Cocas Valencianas


Coca is a type of bread similar to pizzas in which almost any ingredient can be used as a topping. They can be sweet or savoury and can be served at any time of the day: breakfast, main dish, snack…

It has become a typical dish in both the Valencian Community and Catalonia, and one of the most representative types is coca de llanda. With very basic ingredients such as eggs, sugar, milk and flour, a simple product is obtained, but with a very pleasant texture and flavour that can be enhanced with grated lemon or orange zest or even cinnamon.

Pulpo Seco Javea

Dried Octopus

Although octopus is a typical Galician dish, it is also very popular along the Mediterranean coast. It is a very versatile product, allowing for different preparations and presentations.

It is often found in tapas bars as an essential delicacy for any gastronomy lover. The coast of Jávea and the surrounding area has numerous rocky areas, the perfect place to find the best specimens and eat them fresh. The dried octopus takes its name from the process of leaving it hanging for 5 to 10 days.

Although there are different ways to prepare it, the typical way is to grill it and serve it with a little olive oil.

Erizos Jávea

Sea urchins

Within the multitude of options that Mediterranean cuisine offers us, we can find little gems that are not so well known, such as sea urchins. Traditionally they have not been as popular as other dishes, but the fact is that those who try them, repeat!

This marine animal has an edible part inside its shell, known as the gonad or yolk. It is notable for its creamy and meaty texture, which means that it can be eaten both raw and in more elaborate preparations.

Of course, handling sea urchins can be somewhat uncomfortable because of the spikes, so it is a good idea to go to restaurants or bars where they are ready to eat without any worries or injuries.

Red Prawn

A real delicacy that can be enjoyed all along the Mediterranean coast. Seafood plays a fundamental role in our cuisine and in Jávea you will find a wide range of preparations. From first class restaurants to beach bars; any place is a good place to taste the Red Prawn.

In fact, one of the advantages of prawns is that they are a very versatile food, as they can be cooked in many different ways and you will always get it right. Grilled with a pinch of salt, in warm salads, scrambled eggs… Any dish is good with prawns. Don’t miss the opportunity to devour this  Mediterranean delicacy.



To round off a good meal there is nothing like a typical dessert. In Alicante there has always been a tradition of finishing with a good sweet, and we have already seen the example of coca de llanda. There is also a long tradition of marzipan and panquemado, which are mainly eaten on special occasions, but can be enjoyed at any time.

Another characteristic food of the region is fartons, usually accompanying horchata. These elongated sticks are reminiscent of the typical ensaimada, but in the perfect format for dipping in the tiger nut drink.

As well as other sweets such as fritters, nougat and cakes, we must not forget fruit. Citrus fruits are one of the star products of the Valencian Community and oranges can be a healthier alternative without giving up the genuine Mediterranean flavour.

Living in Jávea gives you the opportunity to enjoy Mediterranean gastronomy

I’m sure that all this has made your mouth water, because the culinary offer in Jávea is simply spectacular. So, not only is it a place where you can enjoy the beach and nature, but in your moments of relaxation you have the option of tasting the renowned Mediterranean gastronomy.

Among the countless reasons to live in Jávea, the wide variety of options to enjoy the food is clearly one of them. Both foreigners and Spaniards appreciate the high standard of our hotel and catering industry, which always seeks to offer the best conditions and make the most of the typical products of the area.

In conclusion, if you are a lover of Mediterranean gastronomy, living in Jávea is a plus. Trust in real estate agencies like Grupo Garcia to buy villas in Jávea that allow you to enjoy all the gastronomic offer at any time of the year.

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