Jalon valley building plot for sale close to Jalon GV40057-A

One of the last remaining building plots for sale in a popular and well established urbanization close to Jalon in the Jalon Valley. A unique opportunity for us to build your dream home in an already completed urbanisation. The plot has electricity, water and drainage ready for connection and we can help with the design,…





The reasons why to buy land for sale in Jalon Valley

One of the most obvious reasons for this is that Jalón is a small town that combines tranquility and entertainment activities throughout the year.This means that people who decide to buy land in Jalón Valley to build their new homes, do not think at any time about looking for other land in other towns with less cultural activity and with less accessibility to services such as those that Jalón can offer them.

Jalón, without a doubt, is a municipality that will give you everything you are looking for with more affordable prices than in the coastal areas and without renouncing to have the sea and the best services at your fingertips. Jalon, although it is located in a valley in the interior of the northern Costa Blanca, has very good communications with nearby towns that have coastline and miles of beaches to enjoy the sun without overcrowding.

Discover a town marked by history and ancient culture and buy land in Jalón to build your new life in Spain.

Jalon Valley land for sale surrounded by the best locations

In this town there is a wide range of land that will make the wonders of all those who want to buy land for sale in Jalon, as they have the best services just minutes away and are buildable areas where you can build, from scratch: houses, villas or chalets.

So, if you are looking to buy land for sale in Jalon Valley, with our real estate group you will find the best option and we will guide you to find the right type of land to suit your tastes and needs. You can find land of all types: land located in the Jalón Valley, land located in the Jalón Mountains, land with views of the Jalón Valley, etc. You can also find rustic land near the beach and plots for new construction in Jalón.

Land for sale in our real estate agency in Jalón

In our real estate agency located in Jalón Valley, you will find many opportunities and offers to buy land for sale in Jalón Valley. Since it is a municipality that has opened up to foreigners who want to live in the same way as the inhabitants of this town, and who also seek the peace and tranquility that would be impossible to find in other towns.

In Grupo Garcia we will help you find the type of plot or land you are looking for to start your new life in the north inland Costa Blanca.

Buy land for sale in Jalón to enjoy the good weather

In Jalón the rhythm of life is still marked by the sun, the bell tower that stands in the center of town plays the rush hour and marks the passage of time through its streets full of life, history and culture. It is one of those towns in which, in summer, the inhabitants pull out their chairs at the doors of their houses to talk to their neighbors and enjoy the cool environment provided by the streetsIn winter, the fireplaces take over the atmosphere, making it warm and cozy.

It is undoubtedly a unique experience to be able to live in a town like Jalón, where stress is overrated and the magic of antiques and history takes hold of you.

Buying land for sale in Jalon Valley will unveil a world full of possibilities at your fingertips by giving up everything we are used to living with but don’t need to be happy and lead a peaceful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Jalon special to consider buying land there?

Jalón is a small town that combines tranquility with entertainment activities throughout the year. In addition, it offers cultural and accessibility services that other towns cannot offer, all at more affordable prices than in coastal areas.

What kind of land can I find in Jalón?

In Jalón you can find a variety of plots, from those located in the valley, in the mountains, with views of the Jalón valley, to rustic plots near the beach and plots for new construction.

What services does Grupo García offer for those interested in buying land in Jalón?

Grupo Garcia will guide you to find the type of land that suits your tastes and needs. In addition, in their real estate agency located in the Jalón Valley, they offer multiple opportunities and offers to buy land.

What is the climate and lifestyle like in Jalon?

In Jalón, the rhythm of life is marked by sun and culture. During the summer, the inhabitants enjoy the outdoors, while in winter, the fireplaces create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It is a place where stress is minimal and history and culture prevail.

What advantages does Jalón offer compared to other coastal areas?

Although Jalón is located in an inland valley, it has excellent communications with nearby towns with coast and beaches. This allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the interior and, at the same time, have uncrowded access to the beaches.

What kind of constructions can be built on Jalón’s land?

The plots in Jalón are buildable and allow to build from scratch houses, villas or chalets according to the needs and tastes of the buyer.

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