Enjoy all the beaches and coves of Javea

Jávea is one of the coastal towns par excellence. Spain has numerous destinations to enjoy sun and beach, where the Costa Blanca stands out for its climate and spectacular scenery.

Here you will find a large number of coves and beaches where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, from water sports to spending a relaxing day in the sun. Whether you are living in Jávea or spending a few weeks on holiday, the quality of the natural areas is unrivalled.

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Furthermore, with a few exceptions, access is relatively easy and there are all kinds of amenities to complement your visit. Below we take a look at some of the most attractive coves and beaches in Jávea.

White Cove

Amongst the gems to be found on the coast of Jávea, Cala Blanca is a typical place to visit at least once in your life.

Don’t think of a cove of fine sand, but of rock and gravel. Also known as La Caleta, you will find it at the end of the well-known Segon Muntanyar beach. It is barely 120 metres long between the two small coves that form it and owes its name to the colour of the cliff.

It is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving or kayaking, as its transparent waters allow you to observe the seabed.

Cala en Caló or the Secret Cove

As its name suggests, it is one of Jávea’s best kept secrets. It is not always easy to find and many people discover it by kayak. Seeing it from a different perspective will make you admire this paradise to the full.

It has crystal clear waters and is surrounded by the typical cliffs of the area, so here you can disconnect from the typical crowded beaches.

You can also get there by jet ski or small boats, but it is advisable to visit on days when the tides are not rough, otherwise there may be accidents as the spaces are very small.


Cala Barraca


Barraca Cove

Another enclave where you can admire the marine fauna and enjoy a unique beach atmosphere. You can alternate visits to more central beaches with others such as Cala de la Barraca.

Experience the essence of the Mediterranean in a place where the fishermen of Jávea used to live, with all the tradition and history that this entails. Known as Cala Portitxol, it owes its name to the small islet that adorns the views.

The landscape is incredible: white rock mixed with crystalline water so you can dive into the sea to enjoy a good swim and admire the treasures hidden in its nooks and crannies.

Cap Prim

Another of the must-see spots on the coast of Jávea. Cap Prim allows you to have a panoramic view from above to perceive details that cannot be seen from the beaches and coves.

Although you should bear in mind that you will need suitable footwear, there is a circular route that leaves from the Cruz del Portitxol, goes to Cap Prim and returns to the starting point for approximately 60 minutes.

The views are simply spectacular and you can deviate from the original route to get closer to other points of interest. An unquestionably essential visit.

Tangó Cove

We end with this unique cove that was barely 50 metres long, but the sea has been gaining ground and landslides have ended up prohibiting bathing.

Located near Duanes de la Mar, you can come here if you go to see the port of Jávea or if you sail nearby and decide to go scuba diving. You will find a wide variety of species of marine fauna and flora.

Some people know this place as Pope’s Beach, one of the clearest examples of the effect that nature can have on the Mediterranean coastline, for better or worse!

Calas de Jávea

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