Within the great variety of homes that exist, the real estate market is increasing its interest in sustainable luxury villas, as it is an issue that influences when buying a home. This quality can be decisive for the buyer and it is important that places of reference such as Jávea make this option available to everyone.

The real estate sector has been evolving while adapting to the different circumstances of each moment. Nowadays, there is a profile of buyers with purchasing power who are looking for luxury villas in Jávea and the surrounding area, but who are not only concerned about comfort and location, but also that the property is environmentally friendly and that its construction and use do not have a negative influence on the privileged environment in which it is located

Sustainable materials and technologies in luxury villas in Jávea

In order to achieve a self-sufficient home capable of integrating ecofriendly practices, key aspects must be taken into account from its construction, such as orientation, the materials used, insulation and energy sources. In this way, the performance of the villa can be directly influenced from its construction, although there are also good practices for houses that have already been built.

The main detail to take into account is what type of energy the home will use for its day-to-day operation. From this point onwards, renewable sources will be chosen, among which solar energy, with the installation of panels on the roof, is the most recent. These may even be subsidised, so it is important to find out about current legislation.

Closely linked to this is the insulation of the villa, as it will allow a more efficient use of energy and not waste energy when temperatures are more extreme and require additional heat or cold to maintain comfort inside. Materials such as wood or concrete can help to ensure optimal conditions.


sustainable materials and technologies in the luxury villas in Jávea


Balance between luxury and sustainability in luxury villas

However, having a sustainable home is not incompatible with maintaining an attractive and modern style. There is a greater variety of designs and recyclable materials used in the construction or renovation of homes. It is important to reduce the carbon footprint so that the environment in which the luxury villa is located retains its essence.

Jávea is one of the reference points of the Mediterranean coast and it is necessary to carry out actions that promote the maintenance and conservation of the area. Therefore, the focus is not only on the sustainability of newly built homes, but also on the possibility of improving the conditions of properties already built.

Incorporating improvements to both the structure of the house and the interior is a good way to ensure comfort and be more environmentally friendly. In addition, it will increase the value of the villa in case you want to put it on the real estate market, as this series of improvements are well valued by buyers, who are now more aware of the future of our planet.

If you want information about sustainable villas in Jávea, you can contact Grupo Garcia and we will inform you about what the current real estate market has to offer.

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