Buy villas in Cap Martí, Jávea

We have already spoken here many times about the advantages of living near the beach in Jávea, but buying a villa in Javea in Cap Martí is another level. It is a simply spectacular natural environment, but it also has supermarkets, restaurants and services necessary for day to day life.

This area is in high demand and here you will find some of the best villas for sale in Javea. Improve your quality of life with a house in Cap Martí. At Grupo Garcia we will advise you so that you can enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea to the maximum.

In addition to the beauty of the place, you will be close to the centre of Jávea, something essential whether you go on holiday or if you want to establish your residence there.

Villas as a second home in Cap Marti, Jávea

An increasingly common option is to look for a refuge away from the city. In fact, with the boom in remote work it is becoming easier and easier to go from one place to another, so having a second residence in Cap Marti is highly recommended.

It is a destination with the characteristics of the Mediterranean coast, but not so crowded or exploited. Logically, Jávea is still one of the favourite places for tourists, both national and foreign, but it has not reached the point of being unbearable as it happens in other enclaves.

Here you can disconnect, merge with nature, recharge your batteries and improve your physical and mental state. The sea is a natural medicine that helps us to reconnect with ourselves, but it insufflates a sense of calm that is essential to counteract the high pace of life that is installed in our routines.

Cap Prim Jávea

Cap Marti, one of the most popular areas in Jávea for holidays

If you are looking for a place where you can guarantee your comfort all year round, Cap Marti in Jávea is a safe bet. You will find a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a quiet day at the beach, but also go on excursions inland or try the adrenaline of water sports.

The Costa Blanca is one of the jewels of our country and people from all walks of life enjoy their stays here. So it makes perfect sense that it should be the place to buy a villa and be able to come here whenever you want. If you would like more information on how to buy a villa in Javea, please contact us.

Vivir Cap Prim - Javea

The best villas in Cap Martí, Jávea with Grupo García

We have extensive experience in the property market in Jávea and, more specifically, in the Jávea area. This is a very sought after area and for this reason we are always monitoring new developments that may be of interest to our clients. We know the characteristics of each neighbourhood and we strongly recommend looking for villas in Cap Marti.

In addition, to make the buying and selling process as quick and easy as possible, we are at your disposal and you will have access to detailed knowledge and the best prices for villas in Cap Martí. Take the opportunity to live in a paradise like Jávea and we can assure you that you will not regret it.

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