Benefits of real estate investment in Jávea: A paradise with return

When it comes to finding places to invest in, the Mediterranean coast is always a safe bet. The number of visitors arriving both seasonally and throughout the year is constant and has not lost any of its appeal.

Among the different destinations along the coast, property investment in Jávea guarantees a good return. Investing in this jewel of the Mediterranean offers not only an enviable lifestyle that has a direct impact on one’s mood, but also several financial and strategic advantages.

In this article we share our decades of experience to show you the many benefits of investing in a property market like Jávea. Grupo Garcia strongly recommends it and we are open to answer any questions you may have.

Attractive return on investment

With the passing of time, there are not so many places on the Costa Blanca that have remained a reference beyond temporary fashions. However, the setting in which it is located and the natural charm of Jávea have allowed it to remain one of the favorite destinations.

The good weather all year round and the excellent state of conservation of its beaches attract visitors from all corners of the world. In addition, the hospitality of its people makes you want to come back, so many of the tourists become repeat visitors.

Logically, this has a positive impact on those who invest in a property in Jávea, as the market demands quality homes. In that respect, if you want to put your property up for sale or rent, you can be sure that you will get a good return on your investment. If you want to get the best possible return on your investment, you can contact the specialized agents of Grupo Garcia, in order to speed up the whole process.

Constantly growing demand

You can see on the streets of Jávea that more and more foreign visitors are choosing to stay in Jávea. Obviously, from tourists to expatriates there is a continuous flow of arrivals which guarantees the occupation of the available properties on the market.

Thus, those owners who want to make a profit from their property, whether for sale or rent, know that it is a highly valued destination on the Mediterranean coast, as the good weather and the attractiveness of its beaches always attract the attention of those looking for a quiet place to spend their holidays or to establish their new life.

There is no doubt that Jávea is an up-and-coming place in an area where both the coast and inland offer a wealth of possibilities. The incomparable environment in which it is located presents numerous options to attract the attention of visitors of all profiles.

Diversity of properties

One of the advantages that Jávea has in the real estate market is the wide range of properties on offer Here you will find everything from luxury villas on large plots with all the comforts of home to smaller sea view flats adapted to modern living.

This variety of properties attracts all kinds of visitors, regardless of their lifestyle and purchasing power. This magnifies the business opportunities for property owners looking for a return on their investment in Jávea.

Find your perfect investment in an area that offers a wide range of activities, from water sports that make the most of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean to hiking trails that take you into the interior of the province to get a better understanding of the environment.

Market stability

One of the factors to consider when investing in property is the stability of the market. In this case, Jávea has managed to remain in good condition over the years. Such stability brings benefits to long-term investors, as they know that their asset will not be devalued but will probably even increase in value.

Avoiding classic global fluctuations is often a concern for investors. When we talk about the real estate sector in Jávea, we all know that it is maintained at adequate levels due to the great affluence during the summer and the growing number of families who choose it as a residence for long periods of time. Its characteristics are a magnet and that is why it is not so affected by changes in market trends.

If you want to know the historical movements of the real estate market in Jávea, you can contact us. We have been working in this area for many years and we know it perfectly.

Rental potential

For those investors looking for a recurring return on their property, Jávea is the perfect place as there is a boom in tourism on the Costa Blanca and there is an increasing demand for holiday rentals. Many people are opting for this option instead of hotels or flats. With this type of property, guests feel at home, and it can be cheaper than staying in other places.

This formula of bringing in money from different tenants throughout the year can be very fruitful, as the Mediterranean climate is conducive to the arrival of visitors all twelve months. If you want to forget about the whole rental process and leave it in our hands, Grupo Garcia has specialized agents who will make the most of your investment.

Another advantage is that the regular visitor to Jávea has a medium-high purchasing power, so you will not have to enter a price war, but the return on investment will be quite reasonable.

Tax and legal benefits

One of the attractions of Jávea as an investment location is that foreigners can take advantage of some of the tax benefits of buying a property in Spain. For example, an investment of 500,000 euros will give access to family residency. The goldenvisa has no minimum duration and can be renewed without physically residing in Spain. In addition, it offers the possibility of travelling to the Schengen zone of the European Union without any problems.

Likewise, if the purchase is made through a company, corporate income tax falls from 25% to 3.57%, while VAT falls from 10% (general rate) to 4%. Spain is a country that welcomes foreign investors with open arms, as evidenced by the Foreign Securities Holding Entities regime, whereby dividends or capital gains obtained on shares or holdings in companies outside Spain may be exempt from taxation.

Quality of life and added value

But the truth is that Jávea is not only interesting because of the financial benefits that real estate investments imply, but also because it has a wide range of possibilities for all those who want to improve their lifestyle.

The quality of the beaches and coves, as well as their state of conservation and care by the authorities, the Mediterranean gastronomy, the pleasant climate all year round, the friendliness of its people… Jávea offers an added value that tips the balance because it is less crowded than other coastal destinations but has everything you need for day-to-day life.

It has been scientifically proven that the sun and the sea have a positive influence on people’s mood and health. Jávea is the perfect place to improve your quality of life. Don’t give it a second thought!

Future projections

Jávea continues to be chosen by numerous visitors year after year. It is not only a summer destination but also during the winter months many foreign tourists arrive who have discovered the area and want to come back. The activity is maintained throughout the year, and this means that real estate investments can offer a return all twelve months.

Furthermore, the Valencian Community and its authorities have always been open to progress and innovation, incorporating advances in all sectors. It would be no surprise if they take measures to promote tourism and increase the number of visitors to our territory.

It is likely that Jávea will continue to show itself as a place that is open to foreigners and welcoming to anyone who wants to spend a few days or settle here for months at a time. For advice on how to maximize your property investment, please contact us and we will answer you without obligation.

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