Annual festivities not to be missed during your stay in Jávea

Jávea is a place that never ceases to surprise anyone who comes here thinking that it is only sun and beach. In these articles we have been describing the variety of options you have to do many more things, and this time we are going to focus more specifically on the popular festivities.

This town on the Costa Blanca remains true to its roots and, in addition to all the advances that have been made, modernisation has not prevented it from continuing to hold events with deep cultural roots.

You can also take advantage of its excellent location to go to celebrations in nearby places where you will have a great time. If you are planning a stay in Jávea, don’t miss these events.

The Fallas

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous celebrations in the Valencian Community. Popular all over the world, its main characteristic is the burning of spectacular
monuments . Although the most exciting part is the fire and gunpowder, it is a tradition that includes the elaboration of these creations that seek to recreate cultural and social aspects that people can identify with.

These monuments usually evoke humorous figures, so the good vibes are guaranteed. Although it is usually a multitudinous festival, if you would like to
ask us for some information on how to make the most of this event, just ask and we will answer you without obligation.

For lovers of fire rituals, this is one of the most spectacular that exist. There are different opinions about the origin of this festival, but what is clear is that it has become a must for those who are in the area during the month of March.

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Moors and Christians

This theatrical performance is, without a doubt, one of the hallmarks of the Valencian Community. Its main theme is the historical event of the battles fought during the Reconquest. As it has been celebrated for a long time and preserves cultural elements of the area, it has the distinction of Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.

There are numerous localities that maintain the traditional celebration. The most recommended places to admire it at its best are Villajoyosa, Alcoy, Crevillent, Elda, Ontinyent, Villena, Bocairent and Banyeres de Mariola.

Like the Fallas, it has a component of noise and gunpowder, but there is also room for music, colour and traditional costumes reminiscent of those worn during the Reconquest.

Fogueres of Sant Joan

As with the Fallas, humour and satire are behind all the activities with fire. More than 200 bonfires are set up all over the city and represent concepts or people that can be funny when you see them in that situation.

Throughout the ten days of the festivities, you can see mascletás and fireworks that give light and colour to the sky of Alicante. Take the opportunity to visit a city with a lot of charm and the excuse to see a different city at its most vibrant social and cultural moment.

Whether you want to experience a night of revelry or you prefer to enjoy the atmosphere with the fire and the sea in the background, this celebration deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime because it is very unique and the people of Alicante are proud of it, so they welcome visitors with open arms.

Night of San Juan

A festivity that is celebrated in other parts of Spain, but for some reason is a great success on the Mediterranean coast. The Verbena de San Juan takes place on the night of 23rd to 24th June, and we return to the bonfires on the beaches, as a meeting point for friends and family who want to have a good time on the shortest night of the year.

The summer solstice has been celebrated for centuries, with different techniques and meanings, but it has always maintained a certain magic. It’s a time to put aside the end of the school year and kick off the summer, which usually brings much more joy than any other season of the year.

In this case, you can find Verbena de San Juan celebrations on practically any beach on the Costa Blanca, so you can choose whether you want to go somewhere specific or stay in Jávea to celebrate it quietly near your accommodation.

Xàbia Jazz Festival

Finally, we finish with a quieter plan where the noise of fireworks and gunpowder is replaced by delicate jazz melodies. If you like live music, the Xàbia Jazz Festival hosts some of the most skilled local artists and some international ones that give prestige to an event that is growing year by year in level and popularity.

Naturally, Jávea is the perfect host for a festival of these characteristics. The setting in which it is held is simply spectacular, with landscapes that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the music played by the guest artists. What’s more, this is a place that inspires calm and tranquillity, creating the perfect atmosphere for a good night of jazz.

You will have already seen that there is a wide variety of leisure alternatives for any time of the year, so decide whether you want to coincide your stay in Jávea with any of these possibilities to get the most out of your cultural visit.

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