We are now into the month when Theresa May says she will invoke Article 50 and start Brexit negotiations. Even with a House of Lords amendment, Theresa May should have plenty of time to stick to her timetable.

There seems to be uncertainty everywhere we look. The French political arena, has a strong showing from Marine Le Pen and her National Front party. After the shocks of 2016 you cannot say that anything is impossible. In the US we are waiting for Donald Trump to start enacting his election policies, or not as the case maybe, as he can’t use Executive Orders for everything.

With all the uncertainty surrounding currency values, ex-pats should use a foreign exchange specialist like Infinity International to exchange your currencies, as it means you have access to expert guidance on the markets and when to make a money transfer. Through a specialist company it is possible to fix a rate over a time period, which saves you worrying about future currency movements. The cost saving can be up to 5% compared to your bank when using a local currency specialist, because the exchange rate will give you more currency, and the currency company will organise cheaper banking fees than is normal.

For free advice in Spain please call Glenn or Adam at Infinity International on +34 966 260 777, or email us on spain@iifx.nl

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